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var Conf = &Config{}
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var Logger zap.Logger


func AdvanceFilter

func AdvanceFilter(s string, suffixLen int) (bool, int)

func BaseFilter

func BaseFilter(s string) (bool, int)

func CharsPass

func CharsPass(s string, suffixLen int) bool

func DelimPass

func DelimPass(s string) bool

func InitLogger

func InitLogger(lp string, lv string, isDebug bool)

func LenPass

func LenPass(s string, suffixLen int) bool

func OccurCharLimit

func OccurCharLimit(s string, suffixLen int) (bool, int)

func SuffixTypePass

func SuffixTypePass(s string) bool


type Config

type Config struct {
	Common struct {
		Version  string
		IsDebug  bool `yaml:"debug"`
		LogPath  string
		LogLevel string

	Hunter struct {
		IsDaemon bool
		PullTime int
		Date     string
		OutPath  string

	BaseFilter struct {
		SuffixType   string
		MaxLen       int
		ExcludeDelim bool
		CharType     int

	AdvFilter struct {
		OccurChars int

type Hunter

type Hunter struct {
	Date      string
	ExcelName string
	Excel     *xlsx.File
	Out       *os.File

func New

func New() *Hunter

func (*Hunter) DownLoad

func (h *Hunter) DownLoad()

func (*Hunter) Filter

func (h *Hunter) Filter()

func (*Hunter) SetExcel

func (h *Hunter) SetExcel()

func (*Hunter) SetOut

func (h *Hunter) SetOut()

func (*Hunter) Start

func (h *Hunter) Start()

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