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const MongoDbKey domain.ContextKey = "slumber-mddlwr-mongodb-key"


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func SetMongoDbCtx

func SetMongoDbCtx(ctx domain.IContext, r *http.Request, db *MongoDB)


type MongoDB

type MongoDB struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MongoDatabase implements IDatabase

func GetMongoDbCtx

func GetMongoDbCtx(ctx domain.IContext, r *http.Request) *MongoDB

func New

func New(options *Options) *MongoDB

func (*MongoDB) Count

func (db *MongoDB) Count(name string, query domain.Query) (int, error)

func (*MongoDB) DropCollection

func (db *MongoDB) DropCollection(name string) error

func (*MongoDB) DropDatabase

func (db *MongoDB) DropDatabase() error

func (*MongoDB) EnsureIndex

func (db *MongoDB) EnsureIndex(name string, index mgo.Index) error

func (*MongoDB) Exists

func (db *MongoDB) Exists(name string, query domain.Query) bool

func (*MongoDB) FindAll

func (db *MongoDB) FindAll(name string, query domain.Query, result interface{}, limit int, sort string) error

func (*MongoDB) FindOne

func (db *MongoDB) FindOne(name string, query domain.Query, result interface{}) error

func (*MongoDB) Insert

func (db *MongoDB) Insert(name string, obj interface{}) error

func (*MongoDB) NewSession

func (db *MongoDB) NewSession() *MongoDBSession

func (*MongoDB) RemoveAll

func (db *MongoDB) RemoveAll(name string, query domain.Query) error

func (*MongoDB) RemoveOne

func (db *MongoDB) RemoveOne(name string, query domain.Query) error

func (*MongoDB) Update

func (db *MongoDB) Update(name string, query domain.Query, change domain.Change, result interface{}) error

func (*MongoDB) UpdateAll

func (db *MongoDB) UpdateAll(name string, query domain.Query, change domain.Query) (int, error)

type MongoDBSession

type MongoDBSession struct {

MongoDatabaseSession struct implements IContextMiddleware

func (*MongoDBSession) Handler

func (session *MongoDBSession) Handler(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request, next http.HandlerFunc, ctx domain.IContext)

Handler Returns a middleware HandlerFunc that creates and saves a database session into request context

type Options

type Options struct {
	ServerName   string
	DatabaseName string
	DialTimeout  time.Duration

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