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Package edns provides function useful for adding/inspecting OPT records to/in messages.



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func SetSupportedOption added in v1.3.0

func SetSupportedOption(option uint16)

SetSupportedOption adds a new supported option the set of EDNS0 options that we support. Plugins typically call this in their setup code to signal support for a new option. By default we support: dns.EDNS0NSID, dns.EDNS0EXPIRE, dns.EDNS0COOKIE, dns.EDNS0TCPKEEPALIVE, dns.EDNS0PADDING. These values are not in this map and checked directly in the server.

func Size

func Size(proto string, size uint16) uint16

Size returns a normalized size based on proto.

func SupportedOption added in v1.3.0

func SupportedOption(option uint16) bool

SupportedOption returns true if the option code is supported as an extra EDNS0 option.

func Version

func Version(req *dns.Msg) (*dns.Msg, error)

Version checks the EDNS version in the request. If error is nil everything is OK and we can invoke the plugin. If non-nil, the returned Msg is valid to be returned to the client (and should). For some reason this response should not contain a question RR in the question section.


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