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Published: May 20, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package grpcproxy is an OSI level 7 proxy for etcd v3 API requests.


func AuthStreamClientInterceptor

func AuthStreamClientInterceptor(ctx context.Context, desc *grpc.StreamDesc, cc *grpc.ClientConn, method string, streamer grpc.Streamer, opts ...grpc.CallOption) (grpc.ClientStream, error)

func AuthUnaryClientInterceptor

func AuthUnaryClientInterceptor(ctx context.Context, method string, req, reply interface{}, cc *grpc.ClientConn, invoker grpc.UnaryInvoker, opts ...grpc.CallOption) error

func DelRequestToOp

func DelRequestToOp(r *pb.DeleteRangeRequest) clientv3.Op

func HandleHealth

func HandleHealth(mux *http.ServeMux, c *clientv3.Client)

HandleHealth registers health handler on '/health'.

func HandleMetrics

func HandleMetrics(mux *http.ServeMux, c *http.Client, eps []string)

HandleMetrics performs a GET request against etcd endpoint and returns '/metrics'.

func NewAuthProxy

func NewAuthProxy(c *clientv3.Client) pb.AuthServer

func NewClusterProxy

func NewClusterProxy(c *clientv3.Client, advaddr string, prefix string) (pb.ClusterServer, <-chan struct{})

NewClusterProxy takes optional prefix to fetch grpc-proxy member endpoints. The returned channel is closed when there is grpc-proxy endpoint registered and the client's context is canceled so the 'register' loop returns.

func NewElectionProxy

func NewElectionProxy(client *clientv3.Client) v3electionpb.ElectionServer

func NewKvProxy

func NewKvProxy(c *clientv3.Client) (pb.KVServer, <-chan struct{})

func NewLeaseProxy

func NewLeaseProxy(c *clientv3.Client) (pb.LeaseServer, <-chan struct{})

func NewLockProxy

func NewLockProxy(client *clientv3.Client) v3lockpb.LockServer

func NewMaintenanceProxy

func NewMaintenanceProxy(c *clientv3.Client) pb.MaintenanceServer

func NewWatchProxy

func NewWatchProxy(c *clientv3.Client) (pb.WatchServer, <-chan struct{})

func PutRequestToOp

func PutRequestToOp(r *pb.PutRequest) clientv3.Op

func RangeRequestToOp

func RangeRequestToOp(r *pb.RangeRequest) clientv3.Op

func Register

func Register(c *clientv3.Client, prefix string, addr string, ttl int) <-chan struct{}

Register registers itself as a grpc-proxy server by writing prefixed-key with session of specified TTL (in seconds). The returned channel is closed when the client's context is canceled.

func TxnRequestToOp

func TxnRequestToOp(r *pb.TxnRequest) clientv3.Op

type AuthProxy

type AuthProxy struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*AuthProxy) AuthDisable

func (ap *AuthProxy) AuthDisable(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthDisableRequest) (*pb.AuthDisableResponse, error)

func (*AuthProxy) AuthEnable

func (ap *AuthProxy) AuthEnable(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthEnableRequest) (*pb.AuthEnableResponse, error)

func (*AuthProxy) Authenticate

func (ap *AuthProxy) Authenticate(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthenticateRequest) (*pb.AuthenticateResponse, error)

func (*AuthProxy) RoleAdd

func (ap *AuthProxy) RoleAdd(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleAddRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleAddResponse, error)

func (*AuthProxy) RoleDelete

func (ap *AuthProxy) RoleDelete(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleDeleteRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleDeleteResponse, error)

func (*AuthProxy) RoleGet

func (ap *AuthProxy) RoleGet(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleGetRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleGetResponse, error)

func (*AuthProxy) RoleList

func (ap *AuthProxy) RoleList(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleListRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleListResponse, error)

func (*AuthProxy) UserAdd

func (ap *AuthProxy) UserAdd(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserAddRequest) (*pb.AuthUserAddResponse, error)

func (*AuthProxy) UserDelete

func (ap *AuthProxy) UserDelete(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserDeleteRequest) (*pb.AuthUserDeleteResponse, error)

func (*AuthProxy) UserGet

func (ap *AuthProxy) UserGet(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserGetRequest) (*pb.AuthUserGetResponse, error)

func (*AuthProxy) UserGrantRole

func (ap *AuthProxy) UserGrantRole(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserGrantRoleRequest) (*pb.AuthUserGrantRoleResponse, error)

func (*AuthProxy) UserList

func (ap *AuthProxy) UserList(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserListRequest) (*pb.AuthUserListResponse, error)

func (*AuthProxy) UserRevokeRole

func (ap *AuthProxy) UserRevokeRole(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserRevokeRoleRequest) (*pb.AuthUserRevokeRoleResponse, error)

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