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func CheckKubernetesCIDRs

func CheckKubernetesCIDRs(sess *session.Session, existingVPCID, podCIDR, serviceCIDR string) error

    CheckKubernetesCIDRs validates an existing VPC, pod, and service CIDRs do not overlap.

    func CheckSubnetsAgainstExistingVPC

    func CheckSubnetsAgainstExistingVPC(sess *session.Session, existingVPCID string, controllerSubnets, workerSubnets []VPCSubnet) error

      CheckSubnetsAgainstExistingVPC dynamically checks that the proposed subnets are suitable with the given existing VPC and its subnets.

      Do not call this method in unit tests. It makes API requests to AWS and requires credentials.

      func GetDefaultSubnets

      func GetDefaultSubnets(sess *session.Session, vpcCIDR string) ([]VPCSubnet, []VPCSubnet, error)

        GetDefaultSubnets partitions a CIDR into subnets

        func GetVPCSubnets

        func GetVPCSubnets(sess *session.Session, vpcID string) ([]VPCSubnet, []VPCSubnet, error)

          GetVPCSubnets returns the lists of existing subnets in the given VPC, that are suitable for controllers and workers nodes.

          func PopulateCIDRs

          func PopulateCIDRs(sess *session.Session, existingVPCID string, publicSubnets, privateSubnets []VPCSubnet) error

            PopulateCIDRs shoves some CIDRs into subnets when we know the IDs

            func ValidateKubernetesCIDRs

            func ValidateKubernetesCIDRs(vpcCIDR, podCIDR, serviceCIDR string) error

              ValidateKubernetesCIDRs validates node, pod, and service CIDRs do not overlap. Leave vpcCIDR blank if it is unknown (i.e. bare-metal).

              func ValidateSubnets

              func ValidateSubnets(vpcCIDR string, subnets []VPCSubnet) error

                ValidateSubnets statically validates for correct subnet format, inclusion in the VPC CIDR range, and non-overlapping subnets.


                type AwsBucket

                type AwsBucket struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                func NewAwsBucket

                func NewAwsBucket(sess *session.Session,
                	hostedZoneName string) *AwsBucket

                func (*AwsBucket) Bucket

                func (a *AwsBucket) Bucket() string

                  Bucket returns the genrated unique bucket name in S3

                  func (*AwsBucket) Remove

                  func (a *AwsBucket) Remove(filename string) error

                    Remove removes the specified filename from the S3 bucket

                    func (*AwsBucket) Upload

                    func (a *AwsBucket) Upload(filename string, contents []byte) error

                      Upload puts the filename and data in the bucket

                      func (*AwsBucket) Url

                      func (a *AwsBucket) Url(filename string) string

                        Url returns the complete S3 link to the object

                        type Cluster

                        type Cluster struct {
                        	ClusterName      string
                        	ControllerDomain string
                        	Region           string
                        	StackBody        string
                        	StackURL         string

                        func NewCloudFormation

                        func NewCloudFormation(config *Config, sess *session.Session, secrets *SecretAssets) (*Cluster, error)

                        func (*Cluster) Deploy

                        func (cb *Cluster) Deploy(sess *session.Session, tags []Tag) (*cloudformation.CreateStackOutput, error)

                        func (*Cluster) Destroy

                        func (cb *Cluster) Destroy(sess *session.Session) error

                        func (*Cluster) Status

                        func (cb *Cluster) Status(sess *session.Session) (*Status, error)

                          returns error if, for some reason, we can't query the stack status

                          type Config

                          type Config struct {
                          	// Name of cloudformation stack
                          	ClusterName string `json:"clusterName"`
                          	// Region to deploy cluster in
                          	Region string `json:"region"`
                          	// CoreOS Channel - alpha/beta/stable
                          	Channel string `json:"channel"`
                          	// DNS name for Kubernetes Controller Load Balancer
                          	// Must be contained within hosted zone
                          	ControllerDomain string `json:"controllerDomain"`
                          	// DNS name for Tectonic Load Balancer
                          	// Must be contained within hosted zone
                          	TectonicDomain string `json:"tectonicDomain"`
                          	// ELBs and controllers should be 'internet-facing' or 'internal'
                          	ELBScheme string `json:"elbScheme"`
                          	// Hosted zone ID to add DNS records to
                          	HostedZoneID string `json:"hostedZoneID"`
                          	// CIDR for new VPC
                          	VPCCIDR string `json:"vpcCIDR"`
                          	// Existing VPC ID (leave blank to create new VPC)
                          	VPCID string `json:"vpcID,omitempty"`
                          	// OPTIONAL: Existing VPC route table to attach subnets to.
                          	// (Leave blank to use main route table in existing VPC)
                          	RouteTableID string `json:"routeTableID,omitempty"`
                          	// List of subnets in VPC (new or existing) to spread controllers across.
                          	ControllerSubnets []VPCSubnet `json:"controllerSubnets"`
                          	// List of subnets in VPC (new or existing) to spread workers across.
                          	WorkerSubnets []VPCSubnet `json:"workerSubnets"`
                          	// ARN of KMS key used to encrypt secrets
                          	KMSKeyARN string `json:"kmsKeyARN"`
                          	// EC2 ssh key for instances (controller and worker)
                          	KeyName string `json:"keyName"`
                          	// EC2 etcd instance settings
                          	ETCDCount          int    `json:"etcdCount"`
                          	ETCDInstanceType   string `json:"etcdInstanceType"`
                          	ETCDRootVolumeType string `json:"etcdRootVolumeType"`
                          	ETCDRootVolumeIOPS int    `json:"etcdRootVolumeIOPS"`
                          	ETCDRootVolumeSize int    `json:"etcdRootVolumeSize"`
                          	// External etcd client endpoint, e.g.
                          	ExternalETCDClient string `json:"externalETCDClient"`
                          	// EC2 controller instances
                          	ControllerCount          int    `json:"controllerCount"`
                          	ControllerInstanceType   string `json:"controllerInstanceType"`
                          	ControllerRootVolumeType string `json:"controllerRootVolumeType"`
                          	ControllerRootVolumeIOPS int    `json:"controllerRootVolumeIOPS"`
                          	ControllerRootVolumeSize int    `json:"controllerRootVolumeSize"`
                          	// EC2 worker instances
                          	WorkerCount          int    `json:"workerCount"`
                          	WorkerInstanceType   string `json:"workerInstanceType"`
                          	WorkerRootVolumeType string `json:"workerRootVolumeType"`
                          	WorkerRootVolumeIOPS int    `json:"workerRootVolumeIOPS"`
                          	WorkerRootVolumeSize int    `json:"workerRootVolumeSize"`
                          	PodCIDR     string `json:"podCIDR"`
                          	ServiceCIDR string `json:"serviceCIDR"`
                          	// Cloudformation tags
                          	Tags []Tag `json:"tags"`
                          	// Userdata templates
                          	ControllerTemplate *template.Template `json:"-"`
                          	WorkerTemplate     *template.Template `json:"-"`
                          	EtcdTemplate       *template.Template `json:"-"`
                          	// Cloudformation stack template
                          	StackTemplate *template.Template `json:"-"`
                          	// Computed IPs for self-hosted Kubernetes
                          	APIServiceIP net.IP
                          	DNSServiceIP net.IP
                          	// computed fields (set during initialize(), and/or overwritable after)
                          	ETCDInstances           []ETCDInstance
                          	ETCDEndpoints           string
                          	ETCDInitialCluster      string
                          	APIServers              string
                          	SecureAPIServers        string
                          	AMI                     string
                          	CreateControllerSubnets bool
                          	CreateWorkerSubnets     bool
                          	HostedZoneName          string
                          	// Encoded assets
                          	EncodedSecrets *compactSecretAssets
                          	// Logical names of dynamic resources
                          	VPCLogicalName string
                          	// Reference strings for dynamic resources
                          	VPCRef string
                          	// Logical name for the VPC internet gateway
                          	InternetGatewayLogicalName string
                          	// Reference to an existing VPC internet gateway
                          	InternetGatewayRef string
                          	// Asset S3 location information
                          	AssetsS3File   string
                          	AssetsS3Bucket string

                            Config: External configuration interface

                            func (*Config) SetComputed

                            func (c *Config) SetComputed(sess *session.Session) error

                              SetComputed populates computed fields and may make calls to AWS endpoints.

                              func (*Config) SetDefaults

                              func (c *Config) SetDefaults()

                                SetDefaults sets Config default values (idempotent).

                                func (*Config) Valid

                                func (c *Config) Valid() error

                                  Valid returns true if the cloudform Config is valid.

                                  type ETCDInstance

                                  type ETCDInstance struct {
                                  	// Nam of the ETCD instance
                                  	Name string
                                  	// DNS name addressing the EC2 Instance
                                  	DomainName string
                                  	// Subnet for this EC2 Instance
                                  	Subnet VPCSubnet

                                  func PopulateETCDInstances

                                  func PopulateETCDInstances(clusterName, hostedZoneName string, subnets []VPCSubnet, count int) (instances []ETCDInstance, initialCluster, endpoints string)

                                    PopulateETCDInstances initializes a slice of ETCDInstance, with the corresponding initial-cluster and endpoint variables.

                                    type SecretAssets

                                    type SecretAssets struct {
                                    	CACert     []byte
                                    	ClientCert []byte
                                    	ClientKey  []byte

                                      SecretAssets are secret assets as raw bytes.

                                      type Status

                                      type Status struct {
                                      	Name         string
                                      	ID           string
                                      	StatusString string
                                      	Events       []string
                                      	Resources    []*cloudformation.StackResourceSummary
                                      	Ready        bool
                                      	Error        bool

                                      type Tag

                                      type Tag struct {
                                      	Key   string `json:"key"`
                                      	Value string `json:"value"`

                                      type VPCSubnet

                                      type VPCSubnet struct {
                                      	// Identifier of the subnet if already existing
                                      	ID string `json:"id"`
                                      	// Logical name for this subnet
                                      	// ignored if existing
                                      	Name string `json:"name"`
                                      	// Availability zone for this subnet
                                      	// Max one subnet per availability zone
                                      	AvailabilityZone string `json:"availabilityZone"`
                                      	// CIDR for this subnet
                                      	// must be disjoint from other subnets
                                      	// must be contained by VPC CIDR
                                      	InstanceCIDR string `json:"instanceCIDR"`