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func GetAccountCmd

func GetAccountCmd() *cobra.Command

GetAccountCmd returns a query account that will display the state of the account at a given address.

func GetAccountsCmd added in v0.43.0

func GetAccountsCmd() *cobra.Command

GetAccountsCmd returns a query command that will display a list of accounts

func GetBroadcastCommand

func GetBroadcastCommand() *cobra.Command

GetBroadcastCommand returns the tx broadcast command.

func GetDecodeCommand

func GetDecodeCommand() *cobra.Command

GetDecodeCommand returns the decode command to take serialized bytes and turn it into a JSON-encoded transaction.

func GetEncodeCommand

func GetEncodeCommand() *cobra.Command

GetEncodeCommand returns the encode command to take a JSONified transaction and turn it into Amino-serialized bytes

func GetMultiSignBatchCmd added in v0.41.4

func GetMultiSignBatchCmd() *cobra.Command

func GetMultiSignCommand

func GetMultiSignCommand() *cobra.Command

GetSignCommand returns the sign command

func GetQueryCmd

func GetQueryCmd() *cobra.Command

GetQueryCmd returns the transaction commands for this module

func GetSignBatchCommand added in v0.40.0

func GetSignBatchCommand() *cobra.Command

GetSignBatchCommand returns the transaction sign-batch command.

func GetSignCommand

func GetSignCommand() *cobra.Command

GetSignCommand returns the transaction sign command.

func GetValidateSignaturesCommand

func GetValidateSignaturesCommand() *cobra.Command

func QueryParamsCmd

func QueryParamsCmd() *cobra.Command

QueryParamsCmd returns the command handler for evidence parameter querying.

func QueryTxCmd

func QueryTxCmd() *cobra.Command

QueryTxCmd implements the default command for a tx query.

func QueryTxsByEventsCmd

func QueryTxsByEventsCmd() *cobra.Command

QueryTxsByEventsCmd returns a command to search through transactions by events.


type BroadcastReq added in v0.44.0

type BroadcastReq struct {
	Tx   legacytx.StdTx `json:"tx" yaml:"tx"`
	Mode string         `json:"mode" yaml:"mode"`

BroadcastReq defines a tx broadcasting request.

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