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This document specifies the x/auth/tx package of the Cosmos SDK.

This package represents the Cosmos SDK implementation of the client.TxConfig, client.TxBuilder, client.TxEncoder and client.TxDecoder interfaces.




client.TxConfig defines an interface a client can utilize to generate an application-defined concrete transaction type. The interface defines a set of methods for creating a client.TxBuilder.


The default implementation of client.TxConfig is instantiated by NewTxConfig in x/auth/tx module.




The client.TxBuilder interface is as well implemented by x/auth/tx. A client.TxBuilder can be accessed with TxConfig.NewTxBuilder().

TxEncoder/ TxDecoder

More information about TxEncoder and TxDecoder can be found here.




The x/auth/tx module provides a CLI command to query any transaction, given its hash, transaction sequence or signature.

Without any argument, the command will query the transaction using the transaction hash.

simd query tx DFE87B78A630C0EFDF76C80CD24C997E252792E0317502AE1A02B9809F0D8685

When querying a transaction from an account given its sequence, use the --type=acc_seq flag:

simd query tx --type=acc_seq cosmos1u69uyr6v9qwe6zaaeaqly2h6wnedac0xpxq325/1

When querying a transaction given its signature, use the --type=signature flag:

simd query tx --type=signature Ofjvgrqi8twZfqVDmYIhqwRLQjZZ40XbxEamk/veH3gQpRF0hL2PH4ejRaDzAX+2WChnaWNQJQ41ekToIi5Wqw==

When querying a transaction given its events, use the --type=events flag:

simd query txs --events 'message.sender=cosmos...' --page 1 --limit 30

The x/auth/block module provides a CLI command to query any block, given its hash, height, or events.

When querying a block by its hash, use the --type=hash flag:

simd query block --type=hash DFE87B78A630C0EFDF76C80CD24C997E252792E0317502AE1A02B9809F0D8685

When querying a block by its height, use the --type=height flag:

simd query block --type=height 1357

When querying a block by its events, use the --query flag:

simd query blocks --query 'message.sender=cosmos...' --page 1 --limit 30

The x/auth/tx module provides a convinient CLI command for decoding and encoding transactions.


The encode command encodes a transaction created with the --generate-only flag or signed with the sign command. The transaction is seralized it to Protobuf and returned as base64.

$ simd tx encode tx.json
$ simd tx encode tx.signed.json

More information about the encode command can be found running simd tx encode --help.


The decode commands decodes a transaction encoded with the encode command.

simd tx decode Co8BCowBChwvY29zbW9zLmJhbmsudjFiZXRhMS5Nc2dTZW5kEmwKLWNvc21vczFsNnZzcWhoN3Jud3N5cjJreXozampnM3FkdWF6OGd3Z3lsODI3NRItY29zbW9zMTU4c2FsZHlnOHBteHU3Znd2dDBkNng3amVzd3A0Z3d5a2xrNnkzGgwKBXN0YWtlEgMxMDASBhIEEMCaDA==

More information about the decode command can be found running simd tx decode --help.


A user can query the x/auth/tx module using gRPC endpoints.


The TxDecode endpoint allows to decode a transaction.



grpcurl -plaintext \
    -d '{"tx_bytes":"Co8BCowBChwvY29zbW9zLmJhbmsudjFiZXRhMS5Nc2dTZW5kEmwKLWNvc21vczFsNnZzcWhoN3Jud3N5cjJreXozampnM3FkdWF6OGd3Z3lsODI3NRItY29zbW9zMTU4c2FsZHlnOHBteHU3Znd2dDBkNng3amVzd3A0Z3d5a2xrNnkzGgwKBXN0YWtlEgMxMDASBhIEEMCaDA=="}' \
    localhost:9090 \

Example Output:

  "tx": {
    "body": {
      "messages": [
    "authInfo": {
      "fee": {
        "gasLimit": "200000"

The TxEncode endpoint allows to encode a transaction.



grpcurl -plaintext \
    -d '{"tx": {
    "body": {
      "messages": [
    "authInfo": {
      "fee": {
        "gasLimit": "200000"
  }}' \
    localhost:9090 \

Example Output:

  "txBytes": "Co8BCowBChwvY29zbW9zLmJhbmsudjFiZXRhMS5Nc2dTZW5kEmwKLWNvc21vczFsNnZzcWhoN3Jud3N5cjJreXozampnM3FkdWF6OGd3Z3lsODI3NRItY29zbW9zMTU4c2FsZHlnOHBteHU3Znd2dDBkNng3amVzd3A0Z3d5a2xrNnkzGgwKBXN0YWtlEgMxMDASBhIEEMCaDA=="

The TxDecode endpoint allows to decode an amino transaction.



grpcurl -plaintext \
    -d '{"amino_binary": "KCgWqQpvqKNhmgotY29zbW9zMXRzeno3cDJ6Z2Q3dnZrYWh5ZnJlNHduNXh5dTgwcnB0ZzZ2OWg1Ei1jb3Ntb3MxdHN6ejdwMnpnZDd2dmthaHlmcmU0d241eHl1ODBycHRnNnY5aDUaCwoFc3Rha2USAjEwEhEKCwoFc3Rha2USAjEwEMCaDCIGZm9vYmFy"}' \
    localhost:9090 \

Example Output:

  "aminoJson": "{\"type\":\"cosmos-sdk/StdTx\",\"value\":{\"msg\":[{\"type\":\"cosmos-sdk/MsgSend\",\"value\":{\"from_address\":\"cosmos1tszz7p2zgd7vvkahyfre4wn5xyu80rptg6v9h5\",\"to_address\":\"cosmos1tszz7p2zgd7vvkahyfre4wn5xyu80rptg6v9h5\",\"amount\":[{\"denom\":\"stake\",\"amount\":\"10\"}]}}],\"fee\":{\"amount\":[{\"denom\":\"stake\",\"amount\":\"10\"}],\"gas\":\"200000\"},\"signatures\":null,\"memo\":\"foobar\",\"timeout_height\":\"0\"}}"

The TxEncodeAmino endpoint allows to encode an amino transaction.



grpcurl -plaintext \
    -d '{"amino_json":"{\"type\":\"cosmos-sdk/StdTx\",\"value\":{\"msg\":[{\"type\":\"cosmos-sdk/MsgSend\",\"value\":{\"from_address\":\"cosmos1tszz7p2zgd7vvkahyfre4wn5xyu80rptg6v9h5\",\"to_address\":\"cosmos1tszz7p2zgd7vvkahyfre4wn5xyu80rptg6v9h5\",\"amount\":[{\"denom\":\"stake\",\"amount\":\"10\"}]}}],\"fee\":{\"amount\":[{\"denom\":\"stake\",\"amount\":\"10\"}],\"gas\":\"200000\"},\"signatures\":null,\"memo\":\"foobar\",\"timeout_height\":\"0\"}}"}' \
    localhost:9090 \

Example Output:

  "amino_binary": "KCgWqQpvqKNhmgotY29zbW9zMXRzeno3cDJ6Z2Q3dnZrYWh5ZnJlNHduNXh5dTgwcnB0ZzZ2OWg1Ei1jb3Ntb3MxdHN6ejdwMnpnZDd2dmthaHlmcmU0d241eHl1ODBycHRnNnY5aDUaCwoFc3Rha2USAjEwEhEKCwoFc3Rha2USAjEwEMCaDCIGZm9vYmFy"




This section is empty.


DefaultSignModes are the default sign modes enabled for protobuf transactions.


func DefaultJSONTxDecoder

func DefaultJSONTxDecoder(cdc codec.Codec) sdk.TxDecoder

DefaultJSONTxDecoder returns a default protobuf JSON TxDecoder using the provided Marshaler.

func DefaultJSONTxEncoder

func DefaultJSONTxEncoder(cdc codec.Codec) sdk.TxEncoder

DefaultJSONTxEncoder returns a default protobuf JSON TxEncoder using the provided Marshaler.

func DefaultTxDecoder

func DefaultTxDecoder(cdc codec.Codec) sdk.TxDecoder

DefaultTxDecoder returns a default protobuf TxDecoder using the provided Marshaler.

func DefaultTxEncoder

func DefaultTxEncoder() sdk.TxEncoder

DefaultTxEncoder returns a default protobuf TxEncoder using the provided Marshaler

func DirectSignBytes

func DirectSignBytes(bodyBytes, authInfoBytes []byte, chainID string, accnum uint64) ([]byte, error)

DirectSignBytes returns the SIGN_MODE_DIRECT sign bytes for the provided TxBody bytes, AuthInfo bytes, chain ID, account number and sequence.

func ModeInfoAndSigToSignatureData

func ModeInfoAndSigToSignatureData(modeInfo *tx.ModeInfo, sig []byte) (signing.SignatureData, error)

ModeInfoAndSigToSignatureData converts a ModeInfo and raw bytes signature to a SignatureData or returns an error

func NewDefaultSigningOptions added in v0.50.1

func NewDefaultSigningOptions() (*txsigning.Options, error)

NewDefaultSigningOptions returns the sdk default signing options used by x/tx. This includes account and validator address prefix enabled codecs.

func NewSignModeLegacyAminoJSONHandler added in v0.50.1

func NewSignModeLegacyAminoJSONHandler() signing.SignModeHandler

NewSignModeLegacyAminoJSONHandler returns a new signModeLegacyAminoJSONHandler. Note: The public constructor is only used for testing. Deprecated: Please use x/tx/signing/aminojson instead.

func NewSigningHandlerMap added in v0.50.1

func NewSigningHandlerMap(configOpts ConfigOptions) (*txsigning.HandlerMap, error)

NewSigningHandlerMap returns a new txsigning.HandlerMap using the provided ConfigOptions. It is recommended to use types.InterfaceRegistry in the field ConfigOptions.FileResolver as shown in NewTxConfigWithOptions but this fn does not enforce it.

func NewTxConfig

func NewTxConfig(protoCodec codec.Codec, enabledSignModes []signingtypes.SignMode,
	customSignModes ...txsigning.SignModeHandler,
) client.TxConfig

NewTxConfig returns a new protobuf TxConfig using the provided ProtoCodec and sign modes. The first enabled sign mode will become the default sign mode.

NOTE: Use NewTxConfigWithOptions to provide a custom signing handler in case the sign mode is not supported by default (eg: SignMode_SIGN_MODE_EIP_191), or to enable SIGN_MODE_TEXTUAL.

We prefer to use depinject to provide client.TxConfig, but we permit this constructor usage. Within the SDK, this constructor is primarily used in tests, but also sees usage in app chains like: https://github.com/evmos/evmos/blob/719363fbb92ff3ea9649694bd088e4c6fe9c195f/encoding/config.go#L37

func NewTxConfigWithOptions added in v0.50.1

func NewTxConfigWithOptions(protoCodec codec.Codec, configOptions ConfigOptions) (client.TxConfig, error)

NewTxConfigWithOptions returns a new protobuf TxConfig using the provided ProtoCodec, ConfigOptions and custom sign mode handlers. If ConfigOptions is an empty struct then default values will be used.

func NewTxServer

func NewTxServer(clientCtx client.Context, simulate baseAppSimulateFn, interfaceRegistry codectypes.InterfaceRegistry) txtypes.ServiceServer

NewTxServer creates a new Tx service server.

func QueryTx added in v0.43.0

func QueryTx(clientCtx client.Context, hashHexStr string) (*sdk.TxResponse, error)

QueryTx queries for a single transaction by a hash string in hex format. An error is returned if the transaction does not exist or cannot be queried.

func QueryTxsByEvents added in v0.43.0

func QueryTxsByEvents(clientCtx client.Context, page, limit int, query, orderBy string) (*sdk.SearchTxsResult, error)

QueryTxsByEvents retrieves a list of paginated transactions from CometBFT's TxSearch RPC method given a set of pagination criteria and an events query. Note, the events query must be valid based on CometBFT's query semantics. An error is returned if the query or parsing fails or if the query is empty.

Note, if an empty orderBy is provided, the default behavior is ascending. If negative values are provided for page or limit, defaults will be used.

func RegisterGRPCGatewayRoutes

func RegisterGRPCGatewayRoutes(clientConn gogogrpc.ClientConn, mux *runtime.ServeMux)

RegisterGRPCGatewayRoutes mounts the tx service's GRPC-gateway routes on the given Mux.

func RegisterTxService

func RegisterTxService(
	qrt gogogrpc.Server,
	clientCtx client.Context,
	simulateFn baseAppSimulateFn,
	interfaceRegistry codectypes.InterfaceRegistry,

RegisterTxService registers the tx service on the gRPC router.

func SignatureDataToModeInfoAndSig

func SignatureDataToModeInfoAndSig(data signing.SignatureData) (*tx.ModeInfo, []byte)

SignatureDataToModeInfoAndSig converts a SignatureData to a ModeInfo and raw bytes signature

func WrapTx

func WrapTx(protoTx *tx.Tx) client.TxBuilder

WrapTx creates a TxBuilder wrapper around a tx.Tx proto message.


type ConfigOptions added in v0.50.1

type ConfigOptions struct {
	// If SigningHandler is specified it will be used instead constructing one.
	// This option supersedes all below options, whose sole purpose are to configure the creation of
	// txsigning.HandlerMap.
	SigningHandler *txsigning.HandlerMap
	// EnabledSignModes is the list of sign modes that will be enabled in the txsigning.HandlerMap.
	EnabledSignModes []signingtypes.SignMode
	// If SigningContext is specified it will be used when constructing sign mode handlers. If nil, one will be created
	// with the options specified in SigningOptions.
	SigningContext *txsigning.Context
	// SigningOptions are the options that will be used when constructing a txsigning.Context and sign mode handlers.
	// If nil defaults will be used.
	SigningOptions *txsigning.Options
	// TextualCoinMetadataQueryFn is the function that will be used to query coin metadata when constructing
	// textual sign mode handler. This is required if SIGN_MODE_TEXTUAL is enabled.
	TextualCoinMetadataQueryFn textual.CoinMetadataQueryFn
	// CustomSignModes are the custom sign modes that will be added to the txsigning.HandlerMap.
	CustomSignModes []txsigning.SignModeHandler
	// ProtoDecoder is the decoder that will be used to decode protobuf transactions.
	ProtoDecoder sdk.TxDecoder
	// ProtoEncoder is the encoder that will be used to encode protobuf transactions.
	ProtoEncoder sdk.TxEncoder
	// JSONDecoder is the decoder that will be used to decode json transactions.
	JSONDecoder sdk.TxDecoder
	// JSONEncoder is the encoder that will be used to encode json transactions.
	JSONEncoder sdk.TxEncoder

ConfigOptions define the configuration of a TxConfig when calling NewTxConfigWithOptions. An empty struct is a valid configuration and will result in a TxConfig with default values.

type ExtensionOptionsTxBuilder

type ExtensionOptionsTxBuilder interface {


ExtensionOptionsTxBuilder defines a TxBuilder that can also set extensions.


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