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Published: May 14, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



const (
	ModuleName  = types.ModuleName
	StoreKey    = types.StoreKey
	MemStoreKey = types.MemStoreKey


var (
	NewKeeper                = keeper.NewKeeper
	NewCapability            = types.NewCapability
	RevCapabilityKey         = types.RevCapabilityKey
	FwdCapabilityKey         = types.FwdCapabilityKey
	KeyIndex                 = types.KeyIndex
	KeyPrefixIndexCapability = types.KeyPrefixIndexCapability
	ErrCapabilityTaken       = types.ErrCapabilityTaken
	ErrOwnerClaimed          = types.ErrOwnerClaimed
	ErrCapabilityNotOwned    = types.ErrCapabilityNotOwned
	RegisterCodec            = types.RegisterCodec
	NewOwner                 = types.NewOwner
	NewCapabilityOwners      = types.NewCapabilityOwners

func InitGenesis

func InitGenesis(ctx sdk.Context, k Keeper, genState GenesisState)

InitGenesis initializes the capability module's state from a provided genesis state.

type AppModule

type AppModule struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AppModule implements the AppModule interface for the capability module.

func NewAppModule

func NewAppModule(cdc codec.Marshaler, keeper Keeper) AppModule

func (AppModule) BeginBlock

func (am AppModule) BeginBlock(_ sdk.Context, _ abci.RequestBeginBlock)

BeginBlock executes all ABCI BeginBlock logic respective to the capability module.

func (AppModule) EndBlock

func (am AppModule) EndBlock(_ sdk.Context, _ abci.RequestEndBlock) []abci.ValidatorUpdate

EndBlock executes all ABCI EndBlock logic respective to the capability module. It returns no validator updates.

func (AppModule) ExportGenesis

func (am AppModule) ExportGenesis(ctx sdk.Context, cdc codec.JSONMarshaler) json.RawMessage

ExportGenesis returns the capability module's exported genesis state as raw JSON bytes.

func (AppModule) GenerateGenesisState

func (AppModule) GenerateGenesisState(simState *module.SimulationState)

GenerateGenesisState creates a randomized GenState of the capability module.

func (AppModule) InitGenesis

func (am AppModule) InitGenesis(ctx sdk.Context, cdc codec.JSONMarshaler, gs json.RawMessage) []abci.ValidatorUpdate

InitGenesis performs the capability module's genesis initialization It returns no validator updates.

func (AppModule) Name

func (am AppModule) Name() string

Name returns the capability module's name.

func (AppModule) NewHandler

func (am AppModule) NewHandler() sdk.Handler

NewHandler returns the capability module's message Handler.

func (AppModule) NewQuerierHandler

func (am AppModule) NewQuerierHandler() sdk.Querier

NewQuerierHandler returns the capability module's Querier.

func (AppModule) ProposalContents

func (am AppModule) ProposalContents(simState module.SimulationState) []simtypes.WeightedProposalContent

ProposalContents performs a no-op

func (AppModule) QuerierRoute

func (AppModule) QuerierRoute() string

QuerierRoute returns the capability module's query routing key.

func (AppModule) RandomizedParams

func (AppModule) RandomizedParams(r *rand.Rand) []simtypes.ParamChange

RandomizedParams creates randomized capability param changes for the simulator.

func (AppModule) RegisterInvariants

func (am AppModule) RegisterInvariants(_ sdk.InvariantRegistry)

RegisterInvariants registers the capability module's invariants.

func (AppModule) RegisterStoreDecoder

func (am AppModule) RegisterStoreDecoder(sdr sdk.StoreDecoderRegistry)

RegisterStoreDecoder registers a decoder for capability module's types

func (AppModule) Route

func (AppModule) Route() string

Route returns the capability module's message routing key.

func (AppModule) WeightedOperations

func (am AppModule) WeightedOperations(simState module.SimulationState) []simtypes.WeightedOperation

WeightedOperations returns the all the gov module operations with their respective weights.

type AppModuleBasic

type AppModuleBasic struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AppModuleBasic implements the AppModuleBasic interface for the capability module.

func NewAppModuleBasic

func NewAppModuleBasic(cdc codec.Marshaler) AppModuleBasic

func (AppModuleBasic) DefaultGenesis

func (AppModuleBasic) DefaultGenesis(cdc codec.JSONMarshaler) json.RawMessage

DefaultGenesis returns the capability module's default genesis state.

func (AppModuleBasic) GetQueryCmd

func (AppModuleBasic) GetQueryCmd(_ *codec.Codec) *cobra.Command

GetQueryCmd returns the capability module's root query command.

func (AppModuleBasic) GetTxCmd

func (a AppModuleBasic) GetTxCmd(_ *codec.Codec) *cobra.Command

GetTxCmd returns the capability module's root tx command.

func (AppModuleBasic) Name

func (AppModuleBasic) Name() string

Name returns the capability module's name.

func (AppModuleBasic) RegisterCodec

func (AppModuleBasic) RegisterCodec(cdc *codec.Codec)

RegisterCodec registers the capability module's types to the provided codec.

func (AppModuleBasic) RegisterRESTRoutes

func (a AppModuleBasic) RegisterRESTRoutes(_ context.CLIContext, _ *mux.Router)

RegisterRESTRoutes registers the capability module's REST service handlers.

func (AppModuleBasic) ValidateGenesis

func (AppModuleBasic) ValidateGenesis(cdc codec.JSONMarshaler, bz json.RawMessage) error

ValidateGenesis performs genesis state validation for the capability module.

type Capability

type Capability = types.Capability

type GenesisOwners

type GenesisOwners = types.GenesisOwners

type GenesisState

type GenesisState = types.GenesisState

func ExportGenesis

func ExportGenesis(ctx sdk.Context, k Keeper) GenesisState

ExportGenesis returns the capability module's exported genesis.

type Keeper

type Keeper = keeper.Keeper

type Owners

type Owners = types.CapabilityOwners

type ScopedKeeper

type ScopedKeeper = keeper.ScopedKeeper

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