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nolint autogenerated code using aliases generated for the following subdirectories: ALIASGEN: ALIASGEN: ALIASGEN: ALIASGEN: ALIASGEN: ALIASGEN: ALIASGEN: ALIASGEN: ALIASGEN:



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const (
	DefaultGasAdjustment   = flags.DefaultGasAdjustment
	DefaultGasLimit        = flags.DefaultGasLimit
	GasFlagAuto            = flags.GasFlagAuto
	BroadcastBlock         = flags.BroadcastBlock
	BroadcastSync          = flags.BroadcastSync
	BroadcastAsync         = flags.BroadcastAsync
	FlagHome               = flags.FlagHome
	FlagUseLedger          = flags.FlagUseLedger
	FlagChainID            = flags.FlagChainID
	FlagNode               = flags.FlagNode
	FlagHeight             = flags.FlagHeight
	FlagGasAdjustment      = flags.FlagGasAdjustment
	FlagTrustNode          = flags.FlagTrustNode
	FlagFrom               = flags.FlagFrom
	FlagName               = flags.FlagName
	FlagAccountNumber      = flags.FlagAccountNumber
	FlagSequence           = flags.FlagSequence
	FlagMemo               = flags.FlagMemo
	FlagFees               = flags.FlagFees
	FlagGasPrices          = flags.FlagGasPrices
	FlagBroadcastMode      = flags.FlagBroadcastMode
	FlagDryRun             = flags.FlagDryRun
	FlagGenerateOnly       = flags.FlagGenerateOnly
	FlagIndentResponse     = flags.FlagIndentResponse
	FlagListenAddr         = flags.FlagListenAddr
	FlagMaxOpenConnections = flags.FlagMaxOpenConnections
	FlagRPCReadTimeout     = flags.FlagRPCReadTimeout
	FlagRPCWriteTimeout    = flags.FlagRPCWriteTimeout
	FlagOutputDocument     = flags.FlagOutputDocument
	FlagSkipConfirmation   = flags.FlagSkipConfirmation
	DefaultKeyPass         = keys.DefaultKeyPass
	FlagAddress            = keys.FlagAddress
	FlagPublicKey          = keys.FlagPublicKey
	FlagBechPrefix         = keys.FlagBechPrefix
	FlagDevice             = keys.FlagDevice
	OutputFormatText       = keys.OutputFormatText
	OutputFormatJSON       = keys.OutputFormatJSON
	MinPassLength          = input.MinPassLength


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var (
	// functions aliases
	NewCLIContextWithFrom              = context.NewCLIContextWithFrom
	NewCLIContext                      = context.NewCLIContext
	GetFromFields                      = context.GetFromFields
	ErrInvalidAccount                  = context.ErrInvalidAccount
	ErrVerifyCommit                    = context.ErrVerifyCommit
	GetCommands                        = flags.GetCommands
	PostCommands                       = flags.PostCommands
	RegisterRestServerFlags            = flags.RegisterRestServerFlags
	ParseGas                           = flags.ParseGas
	NewCompletionCmd                   = flags.NewCompletionCmd
	MarshalJSON                        = keys.MarshalJSON
	UnmarshalJSON                      = keys.UnmarshalJSON
	Commands                           = keys.Commands
	NewAddNewKey                       = keys.NewAddNewKey
	NewRecoverKey                      = keys.NewRecoverKey
	NewUpdateKeyReq                    = keys.NewUpdateKeyReq
	NewDeleteKeyReq                    = keys.NewDeleteKeyReq
	GetKeyInfo                         = keys.GetKeyInfo
	GetPassphrase                      = keys.GetPassphrase
	ReadPassphraseFromStdin            = keys.ReadPassphraseFromStdin
	NewKeyBaseFromHomeFlag             = keys.NewKeyBaseFromHomeFlag
	NewKeyBaseFromDir                  = keys.NewKeyBaseFromDir
	NewInMemoryKeyBase                 = keys.NewInMemoryKeyBase
	NewRestServer                      = lcd.NewRestServer
	ServeCommand                       = lcd.ServeCommand
	BlockCommand                       = rpc.BlockCommand
	GetChainHeight                     = rpc.GetChainHeight
	BlockRequestHandlerFn              = rpc.BlockRequestHandlerFn
	LatestBlockRequestHandlerFn        = rpc.LatestBlockRequestHandlerFn
	RegisterRPCRoutes                  = rpc.RegisterRPCRoutes
	StatusCommand                      = rpc.StatusCommand
	NodeInfoRequestHandlerFn           = rpc.NodeInfoRequestHandlerFn
	NodeSyncingRequestHandlerFn        = rpc.NodeSyncingRequestHandlerFn
	ValidatorCommand                   = rpc.ValidatorCommand
	GetValidators                      = rpc.GetValidators
	ValidatorSetRequestHandlerFn       = rpc.ValidatorSetRequestHandlerFn
	LatestValidatorSetRequestHandlerFn = rpc.LatestValidatorSetRequestHandlerFn
	GetPassword                        = input.GetPassword
	GetCheckPassword                   = input.GetCheckPassword
	GetConfirmation                    = input.GetConfirmation
	GetString                          = input.GetString
	PrintPrefixed                      = input.PrintPrefixed

	// variable aliases
	LineBreak  = flags.LineBreak
	GasFlagVar = flags.GasFlagVar


func ConfigCmd

func ConfigCmd(defaultCLIHome string) *cobra.Command

ConfigCmd returns a CLI command to interactively create an application CLI config file.

func Paginate

func Paginate(numObjs, page, limit, defLimit int) (start, end int)

Paginate returns the correct starting and ending index for a paginated query, given that client provides a desired page and limit of objects and the handler provides the total number of objects. If the start page is invalid, non-positive values are returned signaling the request is invalid.

NOTE: The start page is assumed to be 1-indexed.

func RegisterRoutes

func RegisterRoutes(cliCtx context.CLIContext, r *mux.Router)

Register routes

func ValidateCmd

func ValidateCmd(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) error

ValidateCmd returns unknown command error or Help display if help flag set


type AddNewKey added in v0.36.0

type AddNewKey = keys.AddNewKey

type CLIContext added in v0.36.0

type CLIContext = context.CLIContext

type DeleteKeyReq added in v0.36.0

type DeleteKeyReq = keys.DeleteKeyReq

type GasSetting added in v0.25.0

type GasSetting = flags.GasSetting

type RecoverKey added in v0.36.0

type RecoverKey = keys.RecoverKey

type RestServer added in v0.36.0

type RestServer = lcd.RestServer

type ResultValidatorsOutput added in v0.36.0

type ResultValidatorsOutput = rpc.ResultValidatorsOutput

type UpdateKeyReq added in v0.36.0

type UpdateKeyReq = keys.UpdateKeyReq

type ValidatorOutput added in v0.36.0

type ValidatorOutput = rpc.ValidatorOutput


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Package statik contains static assets.
Package statik contains static assets.

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