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const (
	// DefaultGasAdjustment is applied to gas estimates to avoid tx execution
	// failures due to state changes that might occur between the tx simulation
	// and the actual run.
	DefaultGasAdjustment = 1.0
	DefaultGasLimit      = 200000
	GasFlagAuto          = "auto"

	// BroadcastBlock defines a tx broadcasting mode where the client waits for
	// the tx to be committed in a block.
	BroadcastBlock = "block"
	// BroadcastSync defines a tx broadcasting mode where the client waits for
	// a CheckTx execution response only.
	BroadcastSync = "sync"
	// BroadcastAsync defines a tx broadcasting mode where the client returns
	// immediately.
	BroadcastAsync = "async"

	FlagHome               = tmcli.HomeFlag
	FlagUseLedger          = "ledger"
	FlagChainID            = "chain-id"
	FlagNode               = "node"
	FlagHeight             = "height"
	FlagGasAdjustment      = "gas-adjustment"
	FlagTrustNode          = "trust-node"
	FlagFrom               = "from"
	FlagName               = "name"
	FlagAccountNumber      = "account-number"
	FlagSequence           = "sequence"
	FlagMemo               = "memo"
	FlagFees               = "fees"
	FlagGasPrices          = "gas-prices"
	FlagBroadcastMode      = "broadcast-mode"
	FlagDryRun             = "dry-run"
	FlagGenerateOnly       = "generate-only"
	FlagIndentResponse     = "indent"
	FlagListenAddr         = "laddr"
	FlagMaxOpenConnections = "max-open"
	FlagRPCReadTimeout     = "read-timeout"
	FlagRPCWriteTimeout    = "write-timeout"
	FlagOutputDocument     = "output-document" // inspired by wget -O
	FlagSkipConfirmation   = "yes"



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var (
	LineBreak  = &cobra.Command{Run: func(*cobra.Command, []string) {}}
	GasFlagVar = GasSetting{Gas: DefaultGasLimit}

LineBreak can be included in a command list to provide a blank line to help with readability


func GetCommands

func GetCommands(cmds ...*cobra.Command) []*cobra.Command

GetCommands adds common flags to query commands

func NewCompletionCmd

func NewCompletionCmd(rootCmd *cobra.Command, hidden bool) *cobra.Command

NewCompletionCmd builds a cobra.Command that generate bash completion scripts for the given root command. If hidden is true, the command will not show up in the root command's list of available commands.

func ParseGas

func ParseGas(gasStr string) (simulateAndExecute bool, gas uint64, err error)

ParseGas parses the value of the gas option.

func PostCommands

func PostCommands(cmds ...*cobra.Command) []*cobra.Command

PostCommands adds common flags for commands to post tx

func RegisterRestServerFlags

func RegisterRestServerFlags(cmd *cobra.Command) *cobra.Command

RegisterRestServerFlags registers the flags required for rest server


type GasSetting

type GasSetting struct {
	Simulate bool
	Gas      uint64

GasSetting encapsulates the possible values passed through the --gas flag.

func (*GasSetting) Set

func (v *GasSetting) Set(s string) (err error)

Set parses and sets the value of the --gas flag.

func (*GasSetting) String

func (v *GasSetting) String() string

func (*GasSetting) Type

func (v *GasSetting) Type() string

Type returns the flag's value type.

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