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const (
	OpWeightMsgSend      = "op_weight_msg_send"
	OpWeightMsgMultiSend = "op_weight_msg_multisend"

Simulation operation weights constants

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const (
	SendEnabled = "send_enabled"

Simulation parameter constants


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func GenSendEnabled

func GenSendEnabled(r *rand.Rand) bool

GenSendEnabled randomized SendEnabled

func ParamChanges

func ParamChanges(r *rand.Rand) []simulation.ParamChange

ParamChanges defines the parameters that can be modified by param change proposals on the simulation

func RandomizedGenState

func RandomizedGenState(simState *module.SimulationState)

RandomizedGenState generates a random GenesisState for bank

func SimulateMsgMultiSend

func SimulateMsgMultiSend(ak types.AccountKeeper, bk keeper.Keeper) simulation.Operation

SimulateMsgMultiSend tests and runs a single msg multisend, with randomized, capped number of inputs/outputs. all accounts in msg fields exist in state nolint: funlen

func SimulateMsgSend

func SimulateMsgSend(ak types.AccountKeeper, bk keeper.Keeper) simulation.Operation

SimulateMsgSend tests and runs a single msg send where both accounts already exist. nolint: funlen

func WeightedOperations

func WeightedOperations(appParams simulation.AppParams, cdc *codec.Codec, ak types.AccountKeeper,
	bk keeper.Keeper) simulation.WeightedOperations

WeightedOperations returns all the operations from the module with their respective weights


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