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const (
	SignedBlocksWindow      = "signed_blocks_window"
	MinSignedPerWindow      = "min_signed_per_window"
	DowntimeJailDuration    = "downtime_jail_duration"
	SlashFractionDoubleSign = "slash_fraction_double_sign"
	SlashFractionDowntime   = "slash_fraction_downtime"

    Simulation parameter constants

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    const (
    	OpWeightMsgUnjail = "op_weight_msg_unjail"

      Simulation operation weights constants


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      func DecodeStore

      func DecodeStore(cdc *codec.Codec, kvA, kvB tmkv.Pair) string

        DecodeStore unmarshals the KVPair's Value to the corresponding slashing type

        func GenDowntimeJailDuration

        func GenDowntimeJailDuration(r *rand.Rand) time.Duration

          GenDowntimeJailDuration randomized DowntimeJailDuration

          func GenMinSignedPerWindow

          func GenMinSignedPerWindow(r *rand.Rand) sdk.Dec

            GenMinSignedPerWindow randomized MinSignedPerWindow

            func GenSignedBlocksWindow

            func GenSignedBlocksWindow(r *rand.Rand) int64

              GenSignedBlocksWindow randomized SignedBlocksWindow

              func GenSlashFractionDoubleSign

              func GenSlashFractionDoubleSign(r *rand.Rand) sdk.Dec

                GenSlashFractionDoubleSign randomized SlashFractionDoubleSign

                func GenSlashFractionDowntime

                func GenSlashFractionDowntime(r *rand.Rand) sdk.Dec

                  GenSlashFractionDowntime randomized SlashFractionDowntime

                  func ParamChanges

                  func ParamChanges(r *rand.Rand) []simulation.ParamChange

                    ParamChanges defines the parameters that can be modified by param change proposals on the simulation

                    func RandomizedGenState

                    func RandomizedGenState(simState *module.SimulationState)

                      RandomizedGenState generates a random GenesisState for slashing

                      func SimulateMsgUnjail

                        SimulateMsgUnjail generates a MsgUnjail with random values nolint: funlen

                        func WeightedOperations

                          WeightedOperations returns all the operations from the module with their respective weights


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