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func AddSignature

func AddSignature(mSig *signing.MultiSignatureData, sig signing.SignatureData, index int)

AddSignature adds a signature to the multisig, at the corresponding index. The index must represent the pubkey index in the LegacyAmingPubKey structure, which verifies this signature. If the signature already exists, replace it.

func AddSignatureFromPubKey

func AddSignatureFromPubKey(mSig *signing.MultiSignatureData, sig signing.SignatureData, pubkey types.PubKey, keys []types.PubKey) error

AddSignatureFromPubKey adds a signature to the multisig, at the index in keys corresponding to the provided pubkey.

func AddSignatureV2

func AddSignatureV2(mSig *signing.MultiSignatureData, sig signing.SignatureV2, keys []types.PubKey) error

func NewMultisig

func NewMultisig(n int) *signing.MultiSignatureData

NewMultisig returns a new MultiSignatureData


type AminoMultisignature

type AminoMultisignature struct {
	BitArray *types.CompactBitArray
	Sigs     [][]byte

AminoMultisignature is used to represent amino multi-signatures for StdTx's. It is assumed that all signatures were made with SIGN_MODE_LEGACY_AMINO_JSON. Sigs is a list of signatures, sorted by corresponding index.

type GetSignBytesFunc

type GetSignBytesFunc func(mode signing.SignMode) ([]byte, error)

GetSignBytesFunc defines a function type which returns sign bytes for a given SignMode or an error. It will generally be implemented as a closure which wraps whatever signable object signatures are being verified against.

type PubKey

type PubKey interface {

	// VerifyMultisignature verifies the provide multi-signature represented by MultiSignatureData
	// using getSignBytes to retrieve the sign bytes to verify against for the provided mode.
	VerifyMultisignature(getSignBytes GetSignBytesFunc, sig *signing.MultiSignatureData) error

	// GetPubKeys returns the types.PubKey's nested within the multi-sig PubKey
	GetPubKeys() []types.PubKey

	// GetThreshold returns the threshold number of signatures that must be obtained to verify a signature.
	GetThreshold() uint

PubKey defines a type which supports multi-signature verification via MultiSignatureData which supports multiple SignMode's.

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