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func NormalizeProposalStatus

func NormalizeProposalStatus(status string) string

NormalizeProposalStatus - normalize user specified proposal status.

func NormalizeProposalType

func NormalizeProposalType(proposalType string) string

NormalizeProposalType - normalize user specified proposal type.

func NormalizeVoteOption

func NormalizeVoteOption(option string) string

NormalizeVoteOption - normalize user specified vote option

func NormalizeWeightedVoteOptions added in v0.43.0

func NormalizeWeightedVoteOptions(options string) string

NormalizeWeightedVoteOptions - normalize vote options param string

func QueryDepositByTxQuery

func QueryDepositByTxQuery(clientCtx client.Context, params types.QueryDepositParams) ([]byte, error)

QueryDepositByTxQuery will query for a single deposit via a direct txs tags query.

func QueryDepositsByTxQuery

func QueryDepositsByTxQuery(clientCtx client.Context, params types.QueryProposalParams) ([]byte, error)

QueryDepositsByTxQuery will query for deposits via a direct txs tags query. It will fetch and build deposits directly from the returned txs and return a JSON marshalled result or any error that occurred.

NOTE: SearchTxs is used to facilitate the txs query which does not currently support configurable pagination.

func QueryProposalByID

func QueryProposalByID(proposalID uint64, clientCtx client.Context, queryRoute string) ([]byte, error)

QueryProposalByID takes a proposalID and returns a proposal

func QueryVoteByTxQuery

func QueryVoteByTxQuery(clientCtx client.Context, params types.QueryVoteParams) ([]byte, error)

QueryVoteByTxQuery will query for a single vote via a direct txs tags query.

func QueryVotesByTxQuery

func QueryVotesByTxQuery(clientCtx client.Context, params types.QueryProposalVotesParams) ([]byte, error)

QueryVotesByTxQuery will query for votes via a direct txs tags query. It will fetch and build votes directly from the returned txs and return a JSON marshalled result or any error that occurred.


type Proposer

type Proposer struct {
	ProposalID uint64 `json:"proposal_id" yaml:"proposal_id"`
	Proposer   string `json:"proposer" yaml:"proposer"`

Proposer contains metadata of a governance proposal used for querying a proposer.

func NewProposer

func NewProposer(proposalID uint64, proposer string) Proposer

NewProposer returns a new Proposer given id and proposer

func QueryProposerByTxQuery

func QueryProposerByTxQuery(clientCtx client.Context, proposalID uint64) (Proposer, error)

QueryProposerByTxQuery will query for a proposer of a governance proposal by ID.

func (Proposer) String

func (p Proposer) String() string

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