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var ErrNotImplemented = errors.New("not implement")

ErrNotImplemented function


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type Chart

type Chart interface {
	Render(w io.Writer) error

Chart renders image to writer

type ChartService

type ChartService interface {
	CoverageDiffTreeMap(old, new *Report) Chart
	RepoCard(repo *Repo, report *Report) Chart

ChartService provides charts

type Client

type Client interface {
	Repositories() GitRepoService
	Users() UserService
	Git() GitService
	Contents() ContentService
	PullRequests() PullRequestService
	Webhooks() WebhookService
	Token(user *User) Token

Client connects to a SCM provider

type Commit added in v0.1.4

type Commit struct {
	Sha             string `json:"sha"`
	Message         string `json:"message"`
	Committer       string `json:"committer"`
	CommitterAvater string `json:"committerAvatar"`

Commit object

type ContentService

type ContentService interface {
	ListAllFiles(ctx context.Context, user *User, repo, ref string) ([]string, error)
	Find(ctx context.Context, user *User, repo, path, ref string) ([]byte, error)

ContentService provides information of source codes

type CoverageReport

type CoverageReport struct {
	Files             []*File    `json:"files"`
	Type              ReportType `json:"type"`
	StatementCoverage float64    `json:"statementCoverage"`

CoverageReport defined the code coverage report

func (*CoverageReport) ComputeStatementCoverage added in v0.1.0

func (cov *CoverageReport) ComputeStatementCoverage() float64

ComputeStatementCoverage of the report

type CoverageReportDiff

type CoverageReportDiff struct {
	StatementCoverageDiff float64
	Files                 []*FileDiff

CoverageReportDiff defines the difference between coverage reports

type CoverageService

type CoverageService interface {
	Report(ctx context.Context, t ReportType, r io.Reader) (*CoverageReport, error)
	// Find coverage report from the given path.
	Find(ctx context.Context, t ReportType, path string) (string, error)
	Open(ctx context.Context, t ReportType, path string) (io.Reader, error)
	// TrimFileNames in the coverage report
	TrimFileNames(ctx context.Context, report *CoverageReport, filters FileNameFilters) error
	TrimFileNamePrefix(ctx context.Context, report *CoverageReport, prefixes ...string) error

CoverageService provides CoverReport

type DatabaseService

type DatabaseService interface {
	Session() *gorm.DB
	Migrate() error

DatabaseService provides database operations with GORM

type File

type File struct {
	Name              string
	StatementCoverage float64
	StatementHits     []*StatementHit

File holds the coverage information of a single file

type FileChange

type FileChange struct {
	Path    string
	Added   bool
	Renamed bool
	Deleted bool

FileChange defines file status

type FileDiff

type FileDiff struct {
	File                  *File
	StatementCoverageDiff float64
	Removed               bool

FileDiff defines the coverage differences of files

type FileNameFilters

type FileNameFilters []string

FileNameFilters is a list of regular expression to trim file name

type Git

type Git interface {
	Clone(ctx context.Context, URL, token string) (GitRepository, error)
	PlainOpen(ctx context.Context, path string) (GitRepository, error)

Git interact with SCM with plain git commands

type GitCommit

type GitCommit interface {
	InDefaultBranch() bool

GitCommit object

type GitRepoService added in v0.1.9

type GitRepoService interface {
	NewReportID(repo *Repo) string
	// List repositories from SCM context
	List(ctx context.Context, user *User) ([]*Repo, error)
	Find(ctx context.Context, user *User, name string) (*Repo, error)
	CloneURL(ctx context.Context, user *User, name string) (string, error)
	CreateHook(ctx context.Context, user *User, name string) (*Hook, error)
	RemoveHook(ctx context.Context, user *User, name string, hook *Hook) error
	IsAdmin(ctx context.Context, user *User, name string) bool

GitRepoService provides operations with SCM

type GitRepository

type GitRepository interface {
	ListAllFiles(commit string) ([]string, error)
	// Commit returns a GitCommit object of the SHA
	Commit(commit string) (GitCommit, error)
	HeadCommit() string
	Branch() string
	Root() string

GitRepository which is cloned from SCM

type GitService

type GitService interface {
	GitRepository(ctx context.Context, user *User, repo string) (GitRepository, error)
	FindCommit(ctx context.Context, user *User, repo *Repo) string
	// ListCommits in the repository default branch
	ListCommits(ctx context.Context, user *User, repo string) ([]*Commit, error)
	// ListCommitsByRef in the repository reference. The reference could be branch name.
	ListCommitsByRef(ctx context.Context, user *User, repo, ref string) ([]*Commit, error)
	ListBranches(ctx context.Context, user *User, repo string) ([]string, error)

GitService provides Git operations

type Hook

type Hook struct {
	ID string

Hook defines a created webhook

type HookEvent

type HookEvent interface{}

HookEvent defines a hook post from SCM

type HookService

type HookService interface {
	Create(ctx context.Context, repo *Repo) error
	Delete(ctx context.Context, repo *Repo) error
	Resolve(ctx context.Context, repo *Repo, hook HookEvent) error

HookService manages and resolves webhooks

type LoginMiddleware

type LoginMiddleware interface {
	Handler(scm SCMProvider) login.Middleware

LoginMiddleware for Gin

type OAuthService added in v0.1.8

type OAuthService interface {
	CreateToken(ctx context.Context, name string) (*OAuthToken, error)
	DeleteToken(ctx context.Context, token *OAuthToken) error
	ListTokens(ctx context.Context) ([]*OAuthToken, error)
	Validate(r *http.Request) (*User, error)
	WithUser(ctx context.Context, user *User) context.Context

OAuthService provide OAuth2 protocol

type OAuthStore added in v0.1.8

type OAuthStore interface {
	Create(token *OAuthToken) error
	Find(token *OAuthToken) (*OAuthToken, error)
	List(user *User) ([]*OAuthToken, error)
	Delete(token *OAuthToken) error

OAuthStore token information

type OAuthToken added in v0.1.8

type OAuthToken struct {
	ID        uint
	Name      string
	Code      string
	Access    string
	Refresh   string
	Expires   time.Time
	CreatedAt time.Time
	Owner     *User
	Data      []byte

OAuthToken holds OAuth2 token information

type PullRequest

type PullRequest struct {
	Number int
	Commit string
	Source string
	Target string

PullRequest object

type PullRequestHook

type PullRequestHook struct {
	Number int
	Merged bool
	// Commit SHA of source branch head
	Commit string
	Source string
	Target string

PullRequestHook event

type PullRequestService

type PullRequestService interface {
	Find(ctx context.Context, user *User, repo string, number int) (*PullRequest, error)
	CreateComment(ctx context.Context, user *User, repo string, number int, body string) (int, error)
	RemoveComment(ctx context.Context, user *User, repo string, number int, id int) error
	ListChanges(ctx context.Context, user *User, repo string, number int) ([]*FileChange, error)

PullRequestService provides operation to repository issue, basically to pull request

type Repo

type Repo struct {
	ID        uint
	URL       string
	ReportID  string
	NameSpace string
	Name      string
	Branch    string
	Private   bool
	SCM       SCMProvider

Repo defined a repository structure

func (*Repo) FullName

func (repo *Repo) FullName() string

FullName is namespace+name

type RepoService

type RepoService interface {
	// Synchronize repositories data from remote and store to database
	Synchronize(ctx context.Context, user *User) error

RepoService provides repository opperations

type RepoSetting

type RepoSetting struct {
	Filters          FileNameFilters    `json:"filters"`
	MergePullRequest bool               `json:"mergePR"`
	UpdateAction     ReportUpdateAction `json:"updateAction"`
	// Protected project from unauthorized user upload report
	Protected bool `json:"protected"`

RepoSetting to customize repository

type RepoStore

type RepoStore interface {
	Create(repo *Repo) error
	Update(repo *Repo) error
	UpdateOrCreate(repo *Repo) error
	BatchUpdateOrCreate(repos []*Repo) error
	Find(repo *Repo) (*Repo, error)
	Finds(urls ...string) ([]*Repo, error)
	// Creator is the user activated the repository
	Creator(repo *Repo) (*User, error)
	UpdateCreator(repo *Repo, user *User) error
	Setting(repo *Repo) (*RepoSetting, error)
	UpdateSetting(repo *Repo, setting *RepoSetting) error
	FindHook(repo *Repo) (*Hook, error)
	UpdateHook(repo *Repo, hook *Hook) error

RepoStore repository in storage

type Report

type Report struct {
	Files     []string          `json:"files"`
	Coverages []*CoverageReport `json:"coverages"`
	ReportID  string            `json:"reportID"`
	Commit    string            `json:"commit"`
	Reference string            `json:"reference"`
	CreatedAt time.Time         `json:"createdAt"`

Report defined the code report structure

func (*Report) Find added in v0.1.0

func (report *Report) Find(t ReportType) (*CoverageReport, bool)

Find coverage report of given type

func (*Report) StatementCoverage added in v0.1.0

func (report *Report) StatementCoverage() float64

StatementCoverage of the report

type ReportComment

type ReportComment struct {
	Number  int
	Comment int

ReportComment in the pull request

type ReportService

type ReportService interface {
	DiffReports(source, target *Report) (*CoverageReportDiff, error)
	MarkdownReport(source, target *Report) (io.Reader, error)
	MergeReport(from, to *Report, changes []*FileChange) (*Report, error)

ReportService provides reports operations

type ReportStore

type ReportStore interface {
	Upload(r *Report) error
	Find(r *Report) (*Report, error)
	Finds(r *Report) ([]*Report, error)
	// List reports with reference (commit, branch or tag)
	List(reportID, ref string) ([]*Report, error)
	CreateComment(r *Report, comment *ReportComment) error
	FindComment(r *Report, number int) (*ReportComment, error)

ReportStore the report in storage

type ReportType

type ReportType string

ReportType of the coverage. Normally using programing language as a type

const (
	// ReportPerl language
	ReportPerl ReportType = "perl"
	// ReportGo language
	ReportGo ReportType = "go"
	// ReportPython language
	ReportPython ReportType = "python"
	// ReportRuby language
	ReportRuby ReportType = "ruby"
	// ReportLCOV of lcov report
	ReportLCOV ReportType = "lcov"
	// ReportClover of clover report
	ReportClover ReportType = "clover"

type ReportUpdateAction

type ReportUpdateAction string

ReportUpdateAction action type when new report update

const (
	// ActionAutoMerge with previous report
	ActionAutoMerge ReportUpdateAction = "merge"
	// ActionAppend report to a new record
	ActionAppend ReportUpdateAction = "append"

type SCMProvider

type SCMProvider string

SCMProvider of Git service

const (
	// Gitea SCM
	Gitea SCMProvider = "gitea"
	// Github SCM
	Github SCMProvider = "github"
	// GitLab SCM
	GitLab SCMProvider = "gitlab"

type SCMService

type SCMService interface {
	Client(scm SCMProvider) (Client, error)

SCMService to interact with given SCM provider

type Session

type Session interface {
	CreateUser(c *gin.Context, user *User) error
	GetUser(c *gin.Context) *User
	StartBindUser(c *gin.Context) error
	EndBindUser(c *gin.Context) error
	ShouldBindUser(c *gin.Context) bool
	Clear(c *gin.Context) error

Session of user login for Gin

type StatementHit

type StatementHit struct {
	LineNumber int
	Hits       int

StatementHit records hit count for a single line

func (*StatementHit) Copy

func (h *StatementHit) Copy() *StatementHit

Copy to a new StatementHit object

type Token

type Token struct {
	Token   string
	Refresh string
	Expires time.Time

Token for OAuth authorization

type User

type User struct {
	Login  string
	Email  string
	Avatar string
	// Gitea
	GiteaLogin   string
	GiteaEmail   string
	GiteaToken   string
	GiteaRefresh string
	GiteaExpire  time.Time
	// GitLab
	GitLabLogin   string
	GitLabEmail   string
	GitLabToken   string
	GitLabRefresh string
	GitLabExpire  time.Time
	// Github
	GithubLogin   string
	GithubEmail   string
	GithubToken   string
	GithubRefresh string
	GithubExpire  time.Time

User is a user of the service

type UserService

type UserService interface {
	Find(ctx context.Context, token *Token) (*User, error)
	Create(ctx context.Context, token *Token) (*User, error)
	Update(ctx context.Context, token *Token) (*User, error)
	Bind(ctx context.Context, user *User, token *Token) (*User, error)

UserService defines operations with SCM

type UserStore

type UserStore interface {
	Create(scm SCMProvider, user *scm.User, token *Token) error
	Find(scm SCMProvider, user *scm.User) (*User, error)
	FindByLogin(login string) (*User, error)
	Update(scm SCMProvider, user *scm.User, token *Token) error
	// Bind a new user from another SCM to registered user
	Bind(scm SCMProvider, user *User, scmUser *scm.User, token *Token) (*User, error)
	ListRepositories(user *User) ([]*Repo, error)
	UpdateRepositories(user *User, repositories []*Repo) error

UserStore the user data to storage

type WebhookService

type WebhookService interface {
	Parse(req *http.Request) (HookEvent, error)
	IsWebhookNotSupport(err error) bool

WebhookService provides webhook parsing

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