Package pleg contains types and a generic implementation of the pod lifecycle event generator.



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    type GenericPLEG

    type GenericPLEG struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      GenericPLEG is an extremely simple generic PLEG that relies solely on periodic listing to discover container changes. It should be used as temporary replacement for container runtimes do not support a proper event generator yet.

      Note that GenericPLEG assumes that a container would not be created, terminated, and garbage collected within one relist period. If such an incident happens, GenenricPLEG would miss all events regarding this container. In the case of relisting failure, the window may become longer. Note that this assumption is not unique -- many kubelet internal components rely on terminated containers as tombstones for bookkeeping purposes. The garbage collector is implemented to work with such situations. However, to guarantee that kubelet can handle missing container events, it is recommended to set the relist period short and have an auxiliary, longer periodic sync in kubelet as the safety net.

      func (*GenericPLEG) Healthy

      func (g *GenericPLEG) Healthy() (bool, error)

        Healthy check if PLEG work properly. relistThreshold is the maximum interval between two relist.

        func (*GenericPLEG) Start

        func (g *GenericPLEG) Start()

          Start spawns a goroutine to relist periodically.

          func (*GenericPLEG) Watch

          func (g *GenericPLEG) Watch() chan *PodLifecycleEvent

            Watch returns a channel from which the subscriber can receive PodLifecycleEvent events. TODO: support multiple subscribers.

            type PodLifeCycleEventType

            type PodLifeCycleEventType string

              PodLifeCycleEventType define the event type of pod life cycle events.

              const (
              	// ContainerStarted - event type when the new state of container is running.
              	ContainerStarted PodLifeCycleEventType = "ContainerStarted"
              	// ContainerDied - event type when the new state of container is exited.
              	ContainerDied PodLifeCycleEventType = "ContainerDied"
              	// ContainerRemoved - event type when the old state of container is exited.
              	ContainerRemoved PodLifeCycleEventType = "ContainerRemoved"
              	// PodSync is used to trigger syncing of a pod when the observed change of
              	// the state of the pod cannot be captured by any single event above.
              	PodSync PodLifeCycleEventType = "PodSync"
              	// ContainerChanged - event type when the new state of container is unknown.
              	ContainerChanged PodLifeCycleEventType = "ContainerChanged"

              type PodLifecycleEvent

              type PodLifecycleEvent struct {
              	// The pod ID.
              	ID types.UID
              	// The type of the event.
              	Type PodLifeCycleEventType
              	// The accompanied data which varies based on the event type.
              	//   - ContainerStarted/ContainerStopped: the container name (string).
              	//   - All other event types: unused.
              	Data interface{}

                PodLifecycleEvent is an event that reflects the change of the pod state.

                type PodLifecycleEventGenerator

                type PodLifecycleEventGenerator interface {
                	Watch() chan *PodLifecycleEvent
                	Healthy() (bool, error)

                  PodLifecycleEventGenerator contains functions for generating pod life cycle events.

                  func NewGenericPLEG

                  func NewGenericPLEG(runtime kubecontainer.Runtime, channelCapacity int,
                  	relistPeriod time.Duration, cache kubecontainer.Cache, clock clock.Clock) PodLifecycleEventGenerator

                    NewGenericPLEG instantiates a new GenericPLEG object and return it.