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Package shortcuts is about the .url shortcuts. They are files and, as such, can be manipulated via the /files API. But the stack also offer some routes to make it easier to create and open them.



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func Create

func Create(c echo.Context) error

Create is the API handler for POST /shortcuts. It can be used to create a shortcut from a JSON description.

func FromJSONAPI

func FromJSONAPI(c echo.Context) (*vfs.FileDoc, []byte, error)

FromJSONAPI parses a JSON-API payload for a shortcut and returns a FileDoc and body for it.

func Get

func Get(c echo.Context) error

Get is the API handler for GET /shortcuts/:id. It follows the link or send a JSON-API response with information about the shortcut, depending on the Accept header.

func Routes

func Routes(router *echo.Group)

Routes set the routing for the shortcuts.


type Shortcut

type Shortcut struct {
	DocID    string       `json:"_id"`
	DocRev   string       `json:"_rev,omitempty"`
	Name     string       `json:"name"`
	DirID    string       `json:"dir_id"`
	URL      string       `json:"url"`
	Metadata vfs.Metadata `json:"metadata"`

Shortcut is a struct with the high-level information about a .url file.

func (*Shortcut) Clone

func (s *Shortcut) Clone() couchdb.Doc

Clone implements couchdb.Doc

func (*Shortcut) DocType

func (s *Shortcut) DocType() string

DocType returns the shortcut type

func (*Shortcut) ID

func (s *Shortcut) ID() string

ID returns the shortcut qualified identifier

func (*Shortcut) Included

func (s *Shortcut) Included() []jsonapi.Object

Included is a method of the jsonapi.Document interface

func (s *Shortcut) Links() *jsonapi.LinksList

Links is a method of the jsonapi.Document interface

func (*Shortcut) Relationships

func (s *Shortcut) Relationships() jsonapi.RelationshipMap

Relationships is a method of the jsonapi.Document interface

func (*Shortcut) Rev

func (s *Shortcut) Rev() string

Rev returns the shortcut revision

func (*Shortcut) SetID

func (s *Shortcut) SetID(id string)

SetID changes the shortcut qualified identifier

func (*Shortcut) SetRev

func (s *Shortcut) SetRev(rev string)

SetRev changes the shortcut revision

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