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Published: May 13, 2020 | License: BSD-3-Clause | Module:
Path Synopsis
chk Package chk contains functions for checking and testing computations
examples Package examples contains several examples using Gosl.
examples/benchmark Package benchmark contains some benchmark tests using Gosl.
examples/pde Package ex contains some examples using Gosl/pde.
fun Package fun (functions) implements special functions such as elliptical, orthogonal polynomials, Bessel, discrete Fourier transform, polynomial interpolators, and more.
fun/dbf Package dbf implements a database of f(t,{x}) functions (e.g.
fun/fftw Package fftw wraps the FFTW library to perform Fourier Transforms using the "fast" method by Cooley and Tukey
gm Package gm (geometry and meshes) implements auxiliary functions for handling geometry and mesh structures
gm/msh Package msh defines mesh data structures and implements interpolation functions for finite element analyses (FEA)
gm/rw Package rw implements reader and writers for geometry files such as the STEP file format
gm/tri Package tri wraps Triangle to perform mesh generation a Delaunay triangulation
graph Package graph implements solvers based on Graph theory
io Package io (input/output) implements auxiliary functions for printing, parsing, handling files, directories, etc.
io/h5 Package h5 wraps the HDF5 library.
la Package la implements functions and structure for Linear Algebra computations.
la/data Package data wraps test_mat from This package should be used in tests only
la/mkl Package mkl implements lower-level linear algebra routines using MKL for maximum efficiency.
la/oblas Package oblas implements lower-level linear algebra routines using OpenBLAS for maximum efficiency.
ml Package ml implements Machine Learning algorithms
ml/imgd Package imgd (image-data) adds functionality to process image-data, e.g.
mpi Package mpi wraps the Message Passing Interface for parallel computations
num Package num implements fundamental numerical methods such as numerical derivative and quadrature, root finding solvers (Brent's and Newton's methods), among others.
num/qpck Package qpck wraps the QUADPACK library for numerical integration
ode Package ode implements solvers for ordinary differential equations, including explicit and implicit Runge-Kutta methods; e.g.
opt Package opt implements routines for solving optimisation problems
pde Package pde implements numerical methods for the solution of Partial Differential Equations.
plt Package plt contains functions for plotting, drawing in 2D or 3D, and generationg PNG and EPS files
rnd Package rnd implements random numbers generators (wrapping the standard functions or the Mersenne Twister library).
tools Package tools holds a number of tools.
tsr Package tsr implements Tensors using the smart approach by considering the Mandel's basis
utl Package utl implements functions for simplifying calculations and allocation of structures such as slices and slices of slices.
utl/al Package al implements classical algorithms such as Queue, Stack and others Package al implements classical algorithms such as Queue, Stack and others Package al implements classical algorithms such as Queue, Stack and others
vtk Package vtk wraps the visualisation tool kit (VTK) for drawing 3D surfaces (scalar fields, vector fields, etc.)