Package code defines error code values used by the jrpc2 package.



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    type Code

    type Code int32

      A Code is an error response code.

      Code values from and including -32768 to -32000 are reserved for pre-defined JSON-RPC errors. Any code within this range, but not defined explicitly below is reserved for future use. The remainder of the space is available for application defined errors.

      See also:

      const (
      	ParseError     Code = -32700 // Invalid JSON received by the server
      	InvalidRequest Code = -32600 // The JSON sent is not a valid request object
      	MethodNotFound Code = -32601 // The method does not exist or is unavailable
      	InvalidParams  Code = -32602 // Invalid method parameters
      	InternalError  Code = -32603 // Internal JSON-RPC error

        Pre-defined standard error codes defined by the JSON-RPC specification.

        const (
        	NoError          Code = -32099 // Denotes a nil error (used by FromError)
        	SystemError      Code = -32098 // Errors from the operating environment
        	Cancelled        Code = -32097 // Request cancelled (context.Canceled)
        	DeadlineExceeded Code = -32096 // Request deadline exceeded (context.DeadlineExceeded)

          The JSON-RPC 2.0 specification reserves the range -32000 to -32099 for implementation-defined server errors. These are used by the jrpc2 package.

          func FromError

          func FromError(err error) Code

            FromError returns a Code to categorize the specified error. If err == nil, it returns code.NoError. If err is a Coder, it returns the reported code value. If err is context.Canceled, it returns code.Cancelled. If err is context.DeadlineExceeded, it returns code.DeadlineExceeded. Otherwise it returns code.SystemError.

            func Register

            func Register(value int32, message string) Code

              Register adds a new Code value with the specified message string. This function will panic if the proposed value is already registered with a different string.

              func (Code) Err

              func (c Code) Err() error

                Err converts c to an error value, which is nil for code.NoError and otherwise an error value whose code is c and whose text is based on the registered string for c if one exists.

                func (Code) String

                func (c Code) String() string

                type Coder

                type Coder interface {
                	Code() Code

                  A Coder is a value that can report an error code value.

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