Package metrics defines a concurrently-accessible metrics collector.

    A *metrics.M value exports methods to track integer counters and maximum values. A metric has a caller-assigned string name that is not interpreted by the collector except to locate its stored value.



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    type M

    type M struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      An M collects counters and maximum value trackers. A nil *M is valid, and discards all metrics. The methods of an *M are safe for concurrent use by multiple goroutines.

      func New

      func New() *M

        New creates a new, empty metrics collector.

        func (*M) Count

        func (m *M) Count(name string, n int64)

          Count adds n to the current value of the counter named, defining the counter if it does not already exist.

          func (*M) CountAndSetMax

          func (m *M) CountAndSetMax(name string, n int64)

            CountAndSetMax adds n to the current value of the counter named, and also updates a max value tracker with the same name in a single step.

            func (*M) SetLabel

            func (m *M) SetLabel(name string, value interface{})

              SetLabel sets the specified label to value. If value == nil the label is removed from the set.

              func (*M) SetMaxValue

              func (m *M) SetMaxValue(name string, n int64)

                SetMaxValue sets the maximum value metric named to the greater of n and its current value, defining the value if it does not already exist.

                func (*M) Snapshot

                func (m *M) Snapshot(snap Snapshot)

                  Snapshot copies an atomic snapshot of the collected metrics into the non-nil fields of the provided snapshot value. Only the fields of snap that are not nil are snapshotted.

                  type Snapshot

                  type Snapshot struct {
                  	Counter  map[string]int64
                  	MaxValue map[string]int64
                  	Label    map[string]interface{}

                    A Snapshot represents a point-in-time snapshot of a metrics collector. The fields of this type are filled in by the Snapshot method of *M.

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