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var AMI = cfn.FindInMap("CoreOSAMI", cfn.Ref("AWS::Region").String(), Arch)
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var Arch = cfn.FindInMap("VirtType", cfn.Ref("InstanceType"), cfn.String("64"))
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var CfnSignal = `` /* 417-byte string literal not displayed */

CfnSignal is a systemd unit that emits a cloudformation ready signal when etcd-aws.service is running.

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var EtcdAwsService = `` /* 375-byte string literal not displayed */

EtcdAwsService is a systemd unit that wraps and runs etcd2

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var Regions = []string{


func MakeAvailabilityZonesMap

func MakeAvailabilityZonesMap(awsSession *session.Session, t *cfn.Template) error

func MakeClientSecurityGroup

func MakeClientSecurityGroup(parameters *Parameters, t *cfn.Template) error

MakeClientSecurityGroup creates a security group for clients of the etcd cluster and adds permissions that allow traffic into the cluster from there.

func MakeHealthCheck

func MakeHealthCheck(parameters *Parameters, t *cfn.Template) error

MakeHealthCheck creates CloudWatch alarms that monitor the health of the cluster. Notifications go to the HealthTopic. You should subscribe manually to this topic if you care about the health of the cluster.

func MakeMapping

func MakeMapping(parameters *Parameters, t *cfn.Template) error

func MakeMaster

func MakeMaster(parameters *Parameters, t *cfn.Template) error

MakeMaster creates a cluster of etcd nodes.

func MakeMasterLoadBalancer

func MakeMasterLoadBalancer(parameters *Parameters, t *cfn.Template) error

MakeMasterLoadBalancer creates a load balancer the connects to each master node.

func MakeTemplate

func MakeTemplate(awsSession *session.Session, parameters *Parameters) (*cfn.Template, error)

MakeTemplate returns a Cloudformation template for the project infrastructure

func MakeVPC

func MakeVPC(parameters *Parameters, t *cfn.Template) error

MakeVPC creates a VPC with a subnet for each of up to four availability zones.


type Parameters

type Parameters struct {
	DnsName    string
	VpcSubnets []cfn.Stringable

type Policy

type Policy struct {
	Sid            string              `json:",omitempty"`
	Effect         string              `json:",omitempty"`
	Principal      *Principal          `json:",omitempty"`
	Action         *cfn.StringListExpr `json:",omitempty"`
	Resource       *cfn.StringListExpr `json:",omitempty"`
	ConditionBlock interface{}         `json:",omitempty"`

type PolicyDocument

type PolicyDocument struct {
	Version   string `json:",omitempty"`
	Statement []Policy

type Principal

type Principal struct {
	Service *cfn.StringListExpr `json:",omitempty"`


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