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const (
	// DefaultInterfaceName is the string to be used for the interface name inside the net namespace
	DefaultInterfaceName = "eth0"
	// CNIPluginName is the default name of the plugin
	CNIPluginName = "cni"
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const (
	// DefaultConfDir is the default place to look for CNI Network
	DefaultConfDir = "/etc/cni/net.d"
	// DefaultBinDir is the default place to look for CNI config files
	DefaultBinDir = "/opt/cni/bin"


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type BandwidthConfig added in v0.2.0

type BandwidthConfig struct {
	// IngressRate is a limit for incoming traffic in bps
	IngressRate  uint64
	IngressBurst uint64

	// EgressRate is a limit for outgoing traffic in bps
	EgressRate  uint64
	EgressBurst uint64

BandwidthConfig maps to the standard CNI bandwidth Capability see: https://github.com/containernetworking/cni/blob/master/CONVENTIONS.md

type CNIPlugin

type CNIPlugin interface {
	// Name returns the plugin's name. This will be used when searching
	// for a plugin by name, e.g.
	Name() string

	// GetDefaultNetworkName returns the name of the plugin's default
	// network.
	GetDefaultNetworkName() string

	// SetUpPod is the method called after the sandbox container of
	// the pod has been created but before the other containers of the
	// pod are launched.
	SetUpPod(network PodNetwork) ([]NetResult, error)

	// SetUpPodWithContext is the same as SetUpPod but takes a context
	SetUpPodWithContext(ctx context.Context, network PodNetwork) ([]NetResult, error)

	// TearDownPod is the method called before a pod's sandbox container will be deleted
	TearDownPod(network PodNetwork) error

	// TearDownPodWithContext is the same as TearDownPod but takes a context
	TearDownPodWithContext(ctx context.Context, network PodNetwork) error

	// GetPodNetworkStatus is the method called to obtain the ipv4 or ipv6 addresses of the pod sandbox
	GetPodNetworkStatus(network PodNetwork) ([]NetResult, error)

	// GetPodNetworkStatusWithContext is the same as GetPodNetworkStatus but takes a context
	GetPodNetworkStatusWithContext(ctx context.Context, network PodNetwork) ([]NetResult, error)

	// NetworkStatus returns error if the network plugin is in error state
	Status() error

	// Shutdown terminates all driver operations
	Shutdown() error

CNIPlugin is the interface that needs to be implemented by a plugin

func InitCNI

func InitCNI(defaultNetName string, confDir string, binDirs ...string) (CNIPlugin, error)

InitCNI takes a binary directory in which to search for CNI plugins, and a configuration directory in which to search for CNI JSON config files. If no valid CNI configs exist, network requests will fail until valid CNI config files are present in the config directory. If defaultNetName is not empty, a CNI config with that network name will be used as the default CNI network, and container network operations will fail until that network config is present and valid. If defaultNetName is empty, CNI config files should be reloaded real-time and defaultNetName should be changeable and determined by file sorting.

func InitCNINoInotify added in v0.3.0

func InitCNINoInotify(defaultNetName, confDir, cacheDir string, binDirs ...string) (CNIPlugin, error)

InitCNINoInotify works like InitCNI except that it does not use inotify to watch for changes in the CNI config dir.

func InitCNIWithCache added in v0.3.0

func InitCNIWithCache(defaultNetName, confDir, cacheDir string, binDirs ...string) (CNIPlugin, error)

InitCNIWithCache works like InitCNI except that it takes the cni cache directory as third param.

type IpRange added in v0.2.0

type IpRange struct {
	// Subnet is the whole CIDR
	Subnet string `json:"subnet"`
	// RangeStart is the first available IP in subnet
	RangeStart string `json:"rangeStart,omitempty"`
	// RangeEnd is the last available IP in subnet
	RangeEnd string `json:"rangeEnd,omitempty"`
	// Gateway is the gateway of subnet
	Gateway string `json:"gateway,omitempty"`

IpRange maps to the standard CNI ipRanges Capability see: https://github.com/containernetworking/cni/blob/master/CONVENTIONS.md

type NetAttachment added in v0.2.0

type NetAttachment struct {
	// NetName contains the name of the CNI network to which the container
	// should be or is attached
	Name string
	// Ifname contains the optional interface name of the attachment
	Ifname string

NetAttachment describes a container network attachment

type NetResult added in v0.2.0

type NetResult struct {
	// Result is the CNI Result
	Result types.Result
	// NetAttachment contains the network and interface names of this
	// network attachment

NetResult contains the result the network attachment operation

type PodNetwork

type PodNetwork struct {
	// Name is the name of the pod.
	Name string
	// Namespace is the namespace of the pod.
	Namespace string
	// ID is the id of the sandbox container.
	ID string
	// UID is the UID of the pod that owns the sandbox.
	UID string
	// NetNS is the network namespace path of the sandbox.
	NetNS string

	// Networks is a list of CNI network names (and optional interface
	// names) to attach to the sandbox. Leave this list empty to attach the
	// default network to the sandbox
	Networks []NetAttachment

	// NetworkConfig is configuration specific to a single CNI network.
	// It is optional, and can be omitted for some or all specified networks
	// without issue.
	RuntimeConfig map[string]RuntimeConfig

	// Aliases are network-scoped names for resolving a container
	// by name. The key value is the network name and the value is
	// is a string slice of aliases
	Aliases map[string][]string

PodNetwork configures the network of a pod sandbox.

type PortMapping

type PortMapping struct {
	// HostPort is the port number on the host.
	HostPort int32 `json:"hostPort"`
	// ContainerPort is the port number inside the sandbox.
	ContainerPort int32 `json:"containerPort"`
	// Protocol is the protocol of the port mapping.
	Protocol string `json:"protocol"`
	// HostIP is the host ip to use.
	HostIP string `json:"hostIP"`

PortMapping maps to the standard CNI portmapping Capability see: https://github.com/containernetworking/cni/blob/master/CONVENTIONS.md

type RuntimeConfig added in v0.2.0

type RuntimeConfig struct {
	// IP is a static IP to be specified in the network. Can only be used
	// with the hostlocal IP allocator. If left unset, an IP will be
	// dynamically allocated.
	IP string
	// MAC is a static MAC address to be assigned to the network interface.
	// If left unset, a MAC will be dynamically allocated.
	MAC string
	// PortMappings is the port mapping of the sandbox.
	PortMappings []PortMapping
	// Bandwidth is the bandwidth limiting of the pod
	Bandwidth *BandwidthConfig
	// IpRanges is the ip range gather which is used for address allocation
	IpRanges [][]IpRange

RuntimeConfig is additional configuration for a single CNI network that is pod-specific rather than general to the network.

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