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const (
	// DeleteRequeueAfter is how long to wait before checking again to see if
	// all control plane machines have been deleted.
	DeleteRequeueAfter = 30 * time.Second

	// HealthCheckFailedRequeueAfter is how long to wait before trying to scale
	// up/down if some target cluster health check has failed
	HealthCheckFailedRequeueAfter = 20 * time.Second

	// DependentCertRequeueAfter is how long to wait before checking again to see if
	// dependent certificates have been created.
	DependentCertRequeueAfter = 30 * time.Second


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type CritControlPlaneReconciler

type CritControlPlaneReconciler struct {
	Log    logr.Logger
	Scheme *runtime.Scheme
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CritControlPlaneReconciler reconciles a CritControlPlane object

func (*CritControlPlaneReconciler) ClusterToCritControlPlane

func (r *CritControlPlaneReconciler) ClusterToCritControlPlane(o handler.MapObject) []ctrl.Request

ClusterToCritControlPlane is a handler.ToRequestsFunc to be used to enqeue requests for reconciliation for CritControlPlane based on updates to a Cluster.

func (*CritControlPlaneReconciler) Reconcile

func (r *CritControlPlaneReconciler) Reconcile(req ctrl.Request) (res ctrl.Result, reterr error)

func (*CritControlPlaneReconciler) SetupWithManager

func (r *CritControlPlaneReconciler) SetupWithManager(mgr ctrl.Manager, options controller.Options) error