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const DefaultPartSize = 128 << 20

DefaultPartSize is the default part size used for Bucket.Put method.


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func WithCredentials

func WithCredentials(cred aws.CredentialsProvider) func(*s3.Options)

WithCredentials specifies a credential provider.

func WithEndpointURL

func WithEndpointURL(u string) func(*s3.Options)

WithEndpointURL specifies the endpoint of S3 API.

func WithHTTPClient

func WithHTTPClient(c *http.Client) func(*s3.Options)

WithHTTPClient specifies the http.Client to be used.

func WithPathStyle

func WithPathStyle() func(*s3.Options)

WithPathStyle specifies to use the path-style API request.

func WithRegion

func WithRegion(region string) func(*s3.Options)

WithRegion specifies the region of the bucket.


type Bucket

type Bucket interface {
	// Put puts an object with `key`.  The data is read from `data`.
	Put(ctx context.Context, key string, data io.Reader) error

	// Get gets an object by `key`.
	Get(ctx context.Context, key string) (io.ReadCloser, error)

	// List lists the matching object keys that have `prefix`.
	List(ctx context.Context, prefix string) ([]string, error)

Bucket represents the interface to access an object storage bucket.

func NewS3Bucket

func NewS3Bucket(name string, partSize int64, optFns ...func(*s3.Options)) (Bucket, error)

NewS3Bucket creates a Bucket that manage object in S3. PartSize is used to put objects with the upload manager. If the size is less than the minimum (5 MiB), DefaultPartSize will be used.

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