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func Parse

func Parse(r io.Reader, menuFileDir string) (*menu, error)

Parse reads a yaml document and create menu


type BirdCoreArgs

type BirdCoreArgs struct {
	Internet string
	ASNCore  int
	ASNSpine int
	Spines   []*SpineArgs

type BirdRackArgs

type BirdRackArgs struct {
	ASNSpine int
	Spines   []*SpineArgs
	Rack     *RackArgs

type BirdSpineArgs

type BirdSpineArgs struct {
	SpineIdx         int
	ASNCore          int
	ASNSpine         int
	LoadBalancer     string
	Bastion          string
	Ingress          string
	Global           string
	Pod              string
	CoreSpineAddress string
	Racks            []*RackArgs

type Cluster

type Cluster struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Cluster is the config file generator for Placemat

func NewCluster

func NewCluster(menu *menu) (*Cluster, error)

NewCluster creates a Cluster instance

func (*Cluster) Generate

func (c *Cluster) Generate(inputDir, outputDir string) error

Generate generates config files for Placemat

type MachinesYamlArgs

type MachinesYamlArgs struct {
	Racks []*RackArgs

type NodeArgs

type NodeArgs struct {
	Name           string
	BastionAddress string
	Node1Address   string
	Node2Address   string

type RackArgs

type RackArgs struct {
	Name     string
	Index    int
	ASN      int
	ToR1     ToRArgs
	ToR2     ToRArgs
	BootNode NodeArgs
	CSList   []*NodeArgs
	SSList   []*NodeArgs

type SeedYamlArgs

type SeedYamlArgs struct {
	Name string
	Rack *RackArgs

type SpineArgs

type SpineArgs struct {
	Name        string
	CoreAddress string
	ToR1Address string
	ToR2Address string

type ToRArgs

type ToRArgs struct {
	NodeInterface  string
	SpineAddresses []string

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