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package topolvm

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Published: Jun 22, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:



const CapacityKeyPrefix = ""

CapacityKeyPrefix is the key prefix of Node annotation that represents VG free space.

const CapacityResource = corev1.ResourceName("")

CapacityResource is the resource name of topolvm capacity.

const DefaultCSISocket = "/run/topolvm/csi-topolvm.sock"

DefaultCSISocket is the default path of the CSI socket file.

const DefaultDeviceClassAnnotationName = "00default"

DefaultDeviceClassAnnotationName is the part of annotation name for the default device-class.

const DefaultDeviceClassName = ""

DefaultDeviceClassName is the name for the default device-class.

const DefaultLVMdSocket = "/run/topolvm/lvmd.sock"

DefaultLVMdSocket is the default path of the lvmd socket file.

const DefaultSize = DefaultSizeGb << 30

DefaultSize is DefaultSizeGb in bytes

const DefaultSizeGb = 1

DefaultSizeGb is the default size in GiB for volumes (PVC or inline ephemeral volumes) w/o capacity requests.

const DeviceClassKey = ""

DeviceClassKey is the key used in CSI volume create requests to specify a device-class.

const EphemeralVolumeSizeKey = ""

EphemeralVolumeSizeKey is the key used to obtain ephemeral inline volume size from the volume context

const LogicalVolumeFinalizer = ""

LogicalVolumeFinalizer is the name of LogicalVolume finalizer

const NodeFinalizer = ""

NodeFinalizer is the name of Node finalizer of TopoLVM

const PVCFinalizer = ""

PVCFinalizer is the name of PVC finalizer of TopoLVM

const PluginName = ""

PluginName is the name of the CSI plugin.

const ResizeRequestedAtKey = ""

ResizeRequestedAtKey is the key of LogicalVolume that represents the timestamp of the resize request.

const TopologyNodeKey = ""

TopologyNodeKey is the key of topology that represents node name.

const (
	// Version is the topolvm version
	Version = "0.5.0"
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