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type Provider

type Provider struct {

Provider is the Type that defines the interface 'provider.Interface'

func (Provider) DataSource

func (a Provider) DataSource(resource string) (*resource.Resource, error)

DataSource returns the resource information

func (Provider) IsEdge

func (a Provider) IsEdge(resource string) bool

IsEdge is true if the resource is an Edge

func (Provider) IsNode

func (a Provider) IsNode(resource string) bool

IsNode is true if the resource is a Node

func (Provider) PreProcess

func (a Provider) PreProcess(cfg map[string]map[string]interface{}) [][]string

PreProcess will return extra edges to add them to the graph each element is an edge and for each edge we have the source and the target. [_][0] is the source of the edge [_][1] is the target of the edge

step 1 ======

we build a lookup table to store the firewalls ID associated to a tag

step 2 ======

for each instance, we add to the edges result the relation between the tags and the list of FW associated to this tags

func (Provider) Resource

func (a Provider) Resource(resource string) (*resource.Resource, error)

Resource returns the resource information

func (Provider) ResourceInOutNodes added in v0.4.0

func (a Provider) ResourceInOutNodes(id, rs string, cfgs map[string]map[string]interface{}) ([]string, []string, []string)

ResourceInOutNodes returns the In, Out and Nodes of the rs based on the cfg

func (Provider) Type

func (a Provider) Type() provider.Type

Type returns the type of the implementation

func (Provider) UsedAttributes

func (a Provider) UsedAttributes() []string

UsedAttributes returns all the attributes that are required/used/needed on the providers, so when we have to prune we know what to keep

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