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func AuthServiceAccount

func AuthServiceAccount() error

AuthServiceAccount authenticates gcloud using application credentials.

func GetKubeConfig

func GetKubeConfig(gcpProjectID string) error

GetKubeConfig gets the kubeconfig.

func NewEnv

func NewEnv(ctx context.Context, gcpProjectID string) (*api.Env, error)

NewEnv returns an api.Env for GCP.


type CloudBuild

type CloudBuild struct {
	GCPProjectID string

CloudBuild implements ContainerBuilder for Cloud Build.

func NewCloudBuild

func NewCloudBuild(ctx context.Context, gcpProjectID string) (*CloudBuild, error)

NewCloudBuild returns a new instance of Firestore.

func (*CloudBuild) GetBuildType

func (cb *CloudBuild) GetBuildType() *v1.BuildType

GetBuildType returns the build type for skaffold.

type FirebaseAuth

type FirebaseAuth struct {
	Client *firebaseAuth.Client

FirebaseAuth implements api.Auth for Firebase authentication (Cloud IP)

func NewFirebaseAuth

func NewFirebaseAuth(ctx context.Context, gcpProjectID string) (*FirebaseAuth, error)

NewFirebaseAuth returns a new instance of FirebaseAuth.

func (*FirebaseAuth) VerifyIDToken

func (auth *FirebaseAuth) VerifyIDToken(accessToken string) (string, error)

VerifyIDToken verifies ID tokens and returns the token UID.

type Firestore

type Firestore struct {
	FS *firestore.Client

Firestore implements api.DB for Firestore.

func NewFirestore

func NewFirestore(ctx context.Context, GCPProjectID string) (*Firestore, error)

NewFirestore returns a new instance of Firestore.

func (*Firestore) GetVersionnedAPI

func (fs *Firestore) GetVersionnedAPI(im api.ImageName) (*api.Version, error)

GetVersionnedAPI retrieves an api version from the DB.

func (*Firestore) IsUserAdminOfNamespace

func (fs *Firestore) IsUserAdminOfNamespace(UID string, namespace string) (bool, error)

IsUserAdminOfNamespace check if the namespace has UID as admin.

func (*Firestore) UpdateAPIMetadata

func (fs *Firestore) UpdateAPIMetadata(imageID string, metadata *map[string]interface{}) error

UpdateAPIMetadata updates API metadata

func (*Firestore) UpdateVersionnedAPI

func (fs *Firestore) UpdateVersionnedAPI(imID string, version string, template *api.Version) error

UpdateVersionnedAPI updates a versioned API.

type GCR

type GCR struct {
	GCPProjectID string

GCR implements ContainerRegistry for GCR.

func NewGCR

func NewGCR(ctx context.Context, gcpProjectID string) (*GCR, error)

NewGCR returns a new instance of GCR.

func (*GCR) GetDockerImagePath

func (gcr *GCR) GetDockerImagePath(im api.ImageName) string

GetDockerImagePath returns the fully qualified URL of a docker image on the appropriate registry.

func (*GCR) ListImageTags

func (gcr *GCR) ListImageTags(repoName string) error

ListImageTags lists all tags of an image on