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var (

	// ErrDBExists is the error for db exists.
	ErrDBExists = terror.ClassMeta.New(codeDatabaseExists, "database already exists")
	// ErrDBNotExists is the error for db not exists.
	ErrDBNotExists = terror.ClassMeta.New(codeDatabaseNotExists, "database doesn't exist")
	// ErrTableExists is the error for table exists.
	ErrTableExists = terror.ClassMeta.New(codeTableExists, "table already exists")
	// ErrTableNotExists is the error for table not exists.
	ErrTableNotExists = terror.ClassMeta.New(codeTableNotExists, "table doesn't exist")

func DDLJobHistoryKey

func DDLJobHistoryKey(m *Meta, jobID int64) []byte

DDLJobHistoryKey is only used for testing.

type JobListKeyType

type JobListKeyType []byte

JobListKeyType is a key type of the DDL job queue.

var (
	// DefaultJobListKey keeps all actions of DDL jobs except "add index".
	DefaultJobListKey JobListKeyType = mDDLJobListKey
	// AddIndexJobListKey only keeps the action of adding index.
	AddIndexJobListKey JobListKeyType = mDDLJobAddIdxList

type Meta

type Meta struct {
	StartTS uint64 // StartTS is the txn's start TS.
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Meta is for handling meta information in a transaction.

func NewMeta

func NewMeta(txn kv.Transaction, jobListKeys ...JobListKeyType) *Meta

NewMeta creates a Meta in transaction txn. If the current Meta needs to handle a job, jobListKey is the type of the job's list.

func NewSnapshotMeta

func NewSnapshotMeta(snapshot kv.Snapshot) *Meta

NewSnapshotMeta creates a Meta with snapshot.

func (*Meta) AddHistoryDDLJob

func (m *Meta) AddHistoryDDLJob(job *model.Job) error

AddHistoryDDLJob adds DDL job to history.

func (*Meta) CreateDatabase

func (m *Meta) CreateDatabase(dbInfo *model.DBInfo) error

CreateDatabase creates a database with db info.

func (*Meta) CreateTableAndSetAutoID

func (m *Meta) CreateTableAndSetAutoID(dbID int64, tableInfo *model.TableInfo, autoID int64) error

CreateTableAndSetAutoID creates a table with tableInfo in database, and rebases the table autoID.

func (*Meta) CreateTableOrView

func (m *Meta) CreateTableOrView(dbID int64, tableInfo *model.TableInfo) error

CreateTableOrView creates a table with tableInfo in database.

func (*Meta) DDLJobQueueLen

func (m *Meta) DDLJobQueueLen(jobListKeys ...JobListKeyType) (int64, error)

DDLJobQueueLen returns the DDL job queue length. The length of jobListKeys can only be 1 or 0. If its length is 1, we need to replace m.jobListKey with jobListKeys[0]. Otherwise, we use m.jobListKey directly.

func (*Meta) DeQueueDDLJob

func (m *Meta) DeQueueDDLJob() (*model.Job, error)

DeQueueDDLJob pops a DDL job from the list.

func (*Meta) DropDatabase

func (m *Meta) DropDatabase(dbID int64) error

DropDatabase drops whole database.

func (*Meta) DropTableOrView

func (m *Meta) DropTableOrView(dbID int64, tblID int64, delAutoID bool) error

DropTableOrView drops table in database. If delAutoID is true, it will delete the auto_increment id key-value of the table. For rename table, we do not need to rename auto_increment id key-value.

func (*Meta) EnQueueDDLJob

func (m *Meta) EnQueueDDLJob(job *model.Job) error

EnQueueDDLJob adds a DDL job to the list.

func (*Meta) FinishBootstrap

func (m *Meta) FinishBootstrap(version int64) error

FinishBootstrap finishes bootstrap.

func (*Meta) GenAutoTableID

func (m *Meta) GenAutoTableID(dbID, tableID, step int64) (int64, error)

GenAutoTableID adds step to the auto ID of the table and returns the sum.

func (*Meta) GenAutoTableIDKeyValue

func (m *Meta) GenAutoTableIDKeyValue(dbID, tableID, autoID int64) (key, value []byte)

GenAutoTableIDKeyValue generates meta key by dbID, tableID and corresponding value by autoID.

func (*Meta) GenGlobalID

func (m *Meta) GenGlobalID() (int64, error)

GenGlobalID generates next id globally.

func (*Meta) GenSchemaVersion

func (m *Meta) GenSchemaVersion() (int64, error)

GenSchemaVersion generates next schema version.

func (*Meta) GetAllDDLJobsInQueue

func (m *Meta) GetAllDDLJobsInQueue(jobListKeys ...JobListKeyType) ([]*model.Job, error)

GetAllDDLJobsInQueue gets all DDL Jobs in the current queue. The length of jobListKeys can only be 1 or 0. If its length is 1, we need to replace m.jobListKey with jobListKeys[0]. Otherwise, we use m.jobListKey directly.

func (*Meta) GetAllHistoryDDLJobs

func (m *Meta) GetAllHistoryDDLJobs() ([]*model.Job, error)

GetAllHistoryDDLJobs gets all history DDL jobs.

func (*Meta) GetAutoTableID

func (m *Meta) GetAutoTableID(dbID int64, tableID int64) (int64, error)

GetAutoTableID gets current auto id with table id.

func (*Meta) GetBootstrapVersion

func (m *Meta) GetBootstrapVersion() (int64, error)

GetBootstrapVersion returns the version of the server which boostrap the store. If the store is not bootstraped, the version will be zero.

func (*Meta) GetDDLJobByIdx

func (m *Meta) GetDDLJobByIdx(index int64, jobListKeys ...JobListKeyType) (*model.Job, error)

GetDDLJobByIdx returns the corresponding DDL job by the index. The length of jobListKeys can only be 1 or 0. If its length is 1, we need to replace m.jobListKey with jobListKeys[0]. Otherwise, we use m.jobListKey directly.

func (*Meta) GetDDLReorgHandle

func (m *Meta) GetDDLReorgHandle(job *model.Job) (startHandle, endHandle, physicalTableID int64, err error)

GetDDLReorgHandle gets the latest processed DDL reorganize position.

func (*Meta) GetDatabase

func (m *Meta) GetDatabase(dbID int64) (*model.DBInfo, error)

GetDatabase gets the database value with ID.

func (*Meta) GetGlobalID

func (m *Meta) GetGlobalID() (int64, error)

GetGlobalID gets current global id.

func (*Meta) GetHistoryDDLJob

func (m *Meta) GetHistoryDDLJob(id int64) (*model.Job, error)

GetHistoryDDLJob gets a history DDL job.

func (*Meta) GetLastNHistoryDDLJobs

func (m *Meta) GetLastNHistoryDDLJobs(num int) ([]*model.Job, error)

GetLastNHistoryDDLJobs gets latest N history ddl jobs.

func (*Meta) GetSchemaDiff

func (m *Meta) GetSchemaDiff(schemaVersion int64) (*model.SchemaDiff, error)

GetSchemaDiff gets the modification information on a given schema version.

func (*Meta) GetSchemaVersion

func (m *Meta) GetSchemaVersion() (int64, error)

GetSchemaVersion gets current global schema version.

func (*Meta) GetTable

func (m *Meta) GetTable(dbID int64, tableID int64) (*model.TableInfo, error)

GetTable gets the table value in database with tableID.

func (*Meta) ListDatabases

func (m *Meta) ListDatabases() ([]*model.DBInfo, error)

ListDatabases shows all databases.

func (*Meta) ListTables

func (m *Meta) ListTables(dbID int64) ([]*model.TableInfo, error)

ListTables shows all tables in database.

func (*Meta) RemoveDDLReorgHandle

func (m *Meta) RemoveDDLReorgHandle(job *model.Job) error

RemoveDDLReorgHandle removes the job reorganization related handles.

func (*Meta) SetSchemaDiff

func (m *Meta) SetSchemaDiff(diff *model.SchemaDiff) error

SetSchemaDiff sets the modification information on a given schema version.

func (*Meta) UpdateDDLJob

func (m *Meta) UpdateDDLJob(index int64, job *model.Job, updateRawArgs bool, jobListKeys ...JobListKeyType) error

UpdateDDLJob updates the DDL job with index. updateRawArgs is used to determine whether to update the raw args when encode the job. The length of jobListKeys can only be 1 or 0. If its length is 1, we need to replace m.jobListKey with jobListKeys[0]. Otherwise, we use m.jobListKey directly.

func (*Meta) UpdateDDLReorgHandle

func (m *Meta) UpdateDDLReorgHandle(job *model.Job, startHandle, endHandle, physicalTableID int64) error

UpdateDDLReorgHandle saves the job reorganization latest processed information for later resuming.

func (*Meta) UpdateDDLReorgStartHandle

func (m *Meta) UpdateDDLReorgStartHandle(job *model.Job, startHandle int64) error

UpdateDDLReorgStartHandle saves the job reorganization latest processed start handle for later resuming.

func (*Meta) UpdateDatabase

func (m *Meta) UpdateDatabase(dbInfo *model.DBInfo) error

UpdateDatabase updates a database with db info.

func (*Meta) UpdateTable

func (m *Meta) UpdateTable(dbID int64, tableInfo *model.TableInfo) error

UpdateTable updates the table with table info.

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