The description (experimental) plugin generates a Description method for each message. The Description method returns a populated google_protobuf.FileDescriptorSet struct. This contains the description of the files used to generate this message.

It is enabled by the following extensions:

- description
- description_all

The description plugin also generates a test given it is enabled using one of the following extensions:

- testgen
- testgen_all

Let us look at:

Btw all the output can be seen at:*

The following message:

  message B {
	option (gogoproto.description) = true;
	optional A A = 1 [(gogoproto.nullable) = false, (gogoproto.embed) = true];
	repeated bytes G = 2 [(gogoproto.customtype) = "", (gogoproto.nullable) = false];

given to the description plugin, will generate the following code:

  func (this *B) Description() (desc *google_protobuf.FileDescriptorSet) {
	return ExampleDescription()

and the following test code:

  func TestDescription(t *testing9.T) {

The hope is to use this struct in some way instead of reflect. This package is subject to change, since a use has not been figured out yet.



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func NewPlugin

func NewPlugin() *plugin


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