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func DiskStatsCopy

func DiskStatsCopy(blkio_stats []cgroups.BlkioStatEntry) (stat []info.PerDiskStats)

func DiskStatsCopy0

func DiskStatsCopy0(major, minor uint64) *info.PerDiskStats

func DiskStatsCopy1

func DiskStatsCopy1(disk_stat map[DiskKey]*info.PerDiskStats) []info.PerDiskStats

func DockerStateDir

func DockerStateDir(dockerRoot string) string

func Exists

func Exists(dockerRoot, dockerRun, containerID string) bool

Gets whether the specified container exists.

func GetProcesses

func GetProcesses(cgroupManager cgroups.Manager) ([]int, error)

func GetStats

func GetStats(cgroupManager cgroups.Manager, rootFs string, pid int, ignoreMetrics container.MetricSet) (*info.ContainerStats, error)

Get cgroup and networking stats of the specified container

func ReadConfig

func ReadConfig(dockerRoot, dockerRun, containerID string) (*configs.Config, error)

TODO(vmarmol): Deprecate over time as old Dockers are phased out.


type CgroupSubsystems

type CgroupSubsystems struct {
	// Cgroup subsystem mounts.
	// e.g.: "/sys/fs/cgroup/cpu" -> ["cpu", "cpuacct"]
	Mounts []cgroups.Mount

	// Cgroup subsystem to their mount location.
	// e.g.: "cpu" -> "/sys/fs/cgroup/cpu"
	MountPoints map[string]string

func GetCgroupSubsystems

func GetCgroupSubsystems() (CgroupSubsystems, error)

Get information about the cgroup subsystems.

type DiskKey

type DiskKey struct {
	Major uint64
	Minor uint64