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type ClientTopics

type ClientTopics map[string][]packets.Topic

ClientTopics groups the topics by client id.

type IterateFn

type IterateFn func(clientID string, topic packets.Topic) bool

IterateFn is the callback function used by Iterate() Return false means to stop the iteration.

type Stats

type Stats struct {
	// SubscriptionsTotal shows how many subscription has been added to the store.
	// Duplicated subscription is not counting.
	SubscriptionsTotal uint64
	// SubscriptionsCurrent shows the current subscription number in the store.
	SubscriptionsCurrent uint64

Stats is the statistics information of the store

type StatsReader

type StatsReader interface {
	// GetStats return the global stats.
	GetStats() Stats
	// GetClientStats return the stats of a specific client.
	// If stats not exists, return an error.
	GetClientStats(clientID string) (Stats, error)

StatsReader provides the ability to get statistics information.

type Store

type Store interface {
	// Subscribe add subscriptions to a specific client.
	// Notice:
	// This method will succeed even if the client is not exists, the subscriptions
	// will affect the new client with the client id.
	Subscribe(clientID string, topics ...packets.Topic) (rs SubscribeResult)
	// Unsubscribe remove subscriptions of a specific client.
	Unsubscribe(clientID string, topics ...string)
	// UnsubscribeAll remove all subscriptions of a specific client.
	UnsubscribeAll(clientID string)
	// Iterate iterate all subscriptions. The callback is called once for each subscription.
	// If callback return false, the iteration will be stopped.
	// Notice:
	// The results are not sorted in any way, no ordering of any kind is guaranteed.
	// This method will walk through all subscriptions,
	// so it is a very expensive operation. Do not call it frequently.
	Iterate(fn IterateFn)
	// Get returns the subscriptions that equals the passed topic filter.
	Get(topicFilter string) ClientTopics
	// GetTopicMatched returns the subscriptions that match the passed topic.
	GetTopicMatched(topicName string) ClientTopics
	// GetClientSubscriptions returns the subscriptions of a specific client.
	GetClientSubscriptions(clientID string) []packets.Topic

Store is the interface used by mqtt.server and external logic to handler the operations of subscriptions. User can get the implementation from mqtt.Server interface. This interface provides the ability for extensions to interact with the subscriptions. Notice: This methods will not trigger any mqtt hooks.

type SubscribeResult

type SubscribeResult = []struct {
	// Topic is the Subscribed topic
	Topic packets.Topic
	// AlreadyExisted shows whether the topic is already existed.
	AlreadyExisted bool

SubscribeResult is the result of Subscribe()

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