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func Ntohl

func Ntohl(packet []byte) (uint32, error)

func OurIPAddress

func OurIPAddress() (string, error)

func OurRandom

func OurRandom() int32

func OurRandom16

func OurRandom16() uint32

func OurRandom32

func OurRandom32() uint32

func ReadSocket

func ReadSocket(conn net.Conn, buffer []byte) (int, error)

ReadSocket reads data from the connection.

func SetupDatagramSocket

func SetupDatagramSocket(address string, port uint) *net.UDPConn

SetupDatagramSocket returns a udp connection of Listening to the specified port.


type GroupSock

type GroupSock struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GroupSock is used to both send and receive packets. As the name suggests, it was originally designed to send/receive multicast, but it can send/receive unicast as well.

func NewGroupSock

func NewGroupSock(addrStr string, portNum uint) *GroupSock

NewGroupSock returns a source-independent multicast group

func (*GroupSock) AddDestination

func (g *GroupSock) AddDestination(addr string, port uint)

AddDestination can add multiple destinations (addresses & ports) This can be used to implement multi-unicast.

func (*GroupSock) Close

func (g *GroupSock) Close()

Close is responsible for disconnection from client.

func (*GroupSock) DelDestination

func (g *GroupSock) DelDestination()

DelDestination can remove the destinations.

func (*GroupSock) GetSourcePort

func (g *GroupSock) GetSourcePort() uint

GetSourcePort returns the source port of system allocation.

func (*GroupSock) HandleRead

func (g *GroupSock) HandleRead(buffer []byte) (int, error)

HandleRead reads data from client connection.

func (*GroupSock) Output

func (g *GroupSock) Output(buffer []byte, bufferSize uint) bool

Output does the datagram send, to each destination.

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