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var (
	// ErrUnkUse indicates that the given Option.Use is not valid
	ErrUnkUse = errors.New("use is not one of class, activity, or usecase")
	// ErrDirection indicates diagram direction is not one of RL, LR, or TD."
	ErrDirection = errors.New("unknown diagram direction")
	// ErrFormat indicates output type is unknown (png, pdf, jpg, svg).
	ErrFormat = errors.New("unknown format type")
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var BaseURL = "http://yuml.me/diagram"


func Generate

func Generate(opts Options, input io.Reader, output io.Writer) error

Generate a yuml diagram. The input is new line seperated yuml statements. The output is a stream of the desired image format.


type Options

type Options struct {
	// Direction of the digram LR (left to right), RL (right to left),
	// or TD (top to down).
	Direction string
	// Scale is the percentage to scale the image by. 0 is default, no scaling.
	Scale int
	// Style is the style of the diagram (scruffy, nofunky, plain). Scruffy is
	// the default.
	Style string
	// Format is the output type of the image (png, pdf, jpg, svg).
	Format string
	// Use is the type of digram (class, activity, usecase)
	Use string

Options to generate a yuml.me diagram.

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