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A yuml.me client that is written in Go (golang). It was inspired by a python client for yuml, https://github.com/wandernauta/yuml . This client compiles to a static binary with no additional dependencies (runtimes or libraries) which makes it ideal to integrate in to your build processes. It also supports using private yuml services.



go get github.com/daniel-garcia/yuml2

Or you can download binaries for your platform:


Usage: yuml2 [options] INPUT_FILE OUTPUT_FILE
  -direction="LR": text direction (LR, RL, TD)
  -format="": format of output (png, pdf, jpg, svg)
  -scale=0: percentage to scale output
  -style="scruffy": style of image (scruffy, nofunky, plain)
  -t="class": type of diagram (class, activity, usecase)
  -u="http://yuml.me/diagram": base url for service [YUML_ENDPOINT]

You can set the YUML_ENDPOINT environment variable to point to your own yuml server. The dash "-" character can be used to read from stdin or write to stdout.


You can make class diagrams:

echo '[Customer]1-0..*[Address]' | yuml2 - example.png

Customer to Address

You can also create use case digrams:

curl --silent https://raw.githubusercontent.com/daniel-garcia/yuml2/master/sample_usecase.yuml | yuml2 - sample_usecase.png

Sample Use Case

For more examples, visit http://yuml.me


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