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type Provider

type Provider interface {
	CreateRecordSet(recordSetName, recordSetValue string) (string, error)
	UpdateRecordSet(recordSetName, recordSetValue string) (string, error)
	DeleteRecordSet(recordSetName, recordSetValue string) (string, error)
	GetRecordSet(recordSetName string) (string, error)
	GetDomainName() (string, error)

type RecordSet

type RecordSet struct {
	RecordSetType string
	TTL           int64

type Route53

type Route53 struct {
	RecordSet      RecordSet
	HostedZoneID   string
	SVC            route53iface.Route53API
	SharedCreds    bool
	DeafultEnvVars bool

Route53 represnets a Route53 client

func (Route53) ChangeRecordSet

func (r Route53) ChangeRecordSet(action, recordSetName, recordSetValue string) (string, error)

ChangeRecordSet change record set according to the specified action

func (Route53) CreateRecordSet

func (r Route53) CreateRecordSet(recordSetName, recordSetValue string) (string, error)

CreateRecordSet creates a record set

func (Route53) DeleteRecordSet

func (r Route53) DeleteRecordSet(recordSetName, recordSetValue string) (string, error)

DeleteRecordSet deletes a record set

func (Route53) GetDomainName

func (r Route53) GetDomainName() (string, error)

GetDomainName returns domain name of the associated hosted zone

func (Route53) GetRecordSet

func (r Route53) GetRecordSet(recordSetName string) (string, error)

GetRecordSet returns a record set according to the specified name

func (Route53) UpdateRecordSet

func (r Route53) UpdateRecordSet(recordSetName, recordSetValue string) (string, error)

UpdateRecordSet updates a record set

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