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func ECRImagesFromPods

func ECRImagesFromPods(pods []*apiv1.Pod) map[string][]string

ECRImagesFromPods converts the given list of pods to a map where the keys are the ECR repository names and their values are a slice of strings containing the unique image tags referenced by those pods.


type KubernetesClient

type KubernetesClient interface {
	ListAllPods(namespace []*string) ([]*apiv1.Pod, error)

KubernetesClient defines the expected interface of any object capable of listing pods from a Kubernetes cluster.

type KubernetesClientImpl

type KubernetesClientImpl struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewKubernetesClient

func NewKubernetesClient(kubeconfig string) (*KubernetesClientImpl, error)

NewKubernetesClient returns a client capable of talking to the API server of a Kubernetes cluster specified in the given kubeconfig filepath. If no kubeconfig filepath is specified, it assumes it's running inside a Kubernetes cluster, and will try to connect to it via the exposed service account.

func (*KubernetesClientImpl) ListAllPods

func (c *KubernetesClientImpl) ListAllPods(namespace []*string) ([]*apiv1.Pod, error)

ListAllPods returns all pods from the given namespaces.

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