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func NewCommandStartGardenerControllerManager

func NewCommandStartGardenerControllerManager(ctx context.Context, cancel context.CancelFunc) *cobra.Command

NewCommandStartGardenerControllerManager creates a *cobra.Command object with default parameters


type Gardener

type Gardener struct {
	Config                 *config.ControllerManagerConfiguration
	Identity               *gardenv1beta1.Gardener
	GardenerNamespace      string
	K8sGardenClient        kubernetes.Interface
	K8sGardenInformers     gardeninformers.SharedInformerFactory
	K8sGardenCoreInformers gardencoreinformers.SharedInformerFactory
	KubeInformerFactory    informers.SharedInformerFactory
	Logger                 *logrus.Logger
	Recorder               record.EventRecorder
	LeaderElection         *leaderelection.LeaderElectionConfig

Gardener represents all the parameters required to start the Gardener controller manager.

func NewGardener

NewGardener is the main entry point of instantiating a new Gardener controller manager.

func (*Gardener) Run

func (g *Gardener) Run(ctx context.Context, cancel context.CancelFunc) error

Run runs the Gardener. This should never exit.

type Options

type Options struct {
	// ConfigFile is the location of the Gardener controller manager's configuration file.
	ConfigFile string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Options has all the context and parameters needed to run a Gardener controller manager.

func NewOptions

func NewOptions() (*Options, error)

NewOptions returns a new Options object.

func (*Options) AddFlags

func (o *Options) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlags adds flags for a specific Gardener controller manager to the specified FlagSet.

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