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func NewREST

func NewREST(optsGetter generic.RESTOptionsGetter) (*REST, *StatusREST)

NewREST returns a RESTStorage object that will work against backupInfrastructures.


type BackupInfrastructureStorage

type BackupInfrastructureStorage struct {
	BackupInfrastructure *REST
	Status               *StatusREST

BackupInfrastructureStorage implements the storage for BackupInfrastructures and their status subresource.

func NewStorage

NewStorage creates a new BackupInfrastructureStorage object.

type REST

type REST struct {

REST implements a RESTStorage for backupInfrastructures against etcd

func (*REST) Categories

func (r *REST) Categories() []string

Categories implements the CategoriesProvider interface. Returns a list of categories a resource is part of.

func (*REST) ShortNames

func (r *REST) ShortNames() []string

ShortNames implements the ShortNamesProvider interface. Returns a list of short names for a resource.

type StatusREST

type StatusREST struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StatusREST implements the REST endpoint for changing the status of a BackupInfrastructure.

func (*StatusREST) Get

func (r *StatusREST) Get(ctx context.Context, name string, options *metav1.GetOptions) (runtime.Object, error)

Get retrieves the object from the storage. It is required to support Patch.

func (*StatusREST) New

func (r *StatusREST) New() runtime.Object

New creates a new (empty) internal BackupInfrastructure object.

func (*StatusREST) Update

func (r *StatusREST) Update(ctx context.Context, name string, objInfo rest.UpdatedObjectInfo, createValidation rest.ValidateObjectFunc, updateValidation rest.ValidateObjectUpdateFunc, forceAllowCreate bool, options *metav1.UpdateOptions) (runtime.Object, bool, error)

Update alters the status subset of an object.

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