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func MimeTypeByPath

func MimeTypeByPath(path_ string) (ret mimeType)

Used to determine the MIME-type for the given path


type Cache

type Cache interface {
	Set(key interface{}, value interface{})
	Get(key interface{}) (value interface{}, ok bool)

type FfprobeCacheItem

type FfprobeCacheItem struct {
	Key   ffmpegInfoCacheKey
	Value *ffmpeg.Info

Public definition so that external modules can persist cache contents.

type Icon

type Icon struct {
	Width, Height, Depth int
	Mimetype             string

type Server

type Server struct {
	HTTPConn     net.Listener
	FriendlyName string
	Interfaces   []net.Interface

	RootObjectPath string

	FFProbeCache Cache

	LogHeaders bool
	// Disable transcoding, and the resource elements implied in the CDS.
	NoTranscode bool
	Icons       []Icon
	// Stall event subscription requests until they drop. A workaround for
	// some bad clients.
	StallEventSubscribe bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Server) Close

func (srv *Server) Close() (err error)

func (*Server) Serve

func (srv *Server) Serve() (err error)

type UPnPService

type UPnPService interface {
	Handle(action string, argsXML []byte, r *http.Request) (respArgs map[string]string, err *upnp.Error)
	Subscribe(callback []*url.URL, timeoutSeconds int) (sid string, actualTimeout int, err error)
	Unsubscribe(sid string) error

UPnP SOAP service.

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