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AMQP Output Plugin

This plugin writes to a AMQP exchange using tag, defined in configuration file as RoutingTag, as a routing key.

If RoutingTag is empty, then empty routing key will be used. Metrics are grouped in batches by RoutingTag.

This plugin doesn't bind exchange to a queue, so it should be done by consumer.




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const (
	DefaultRetentionPolicy = "default"
	DefaultDatabase        = "telegraf"
	DefaultPrecision       = "s"


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type AMQP

type AMQP struct {
	// AMQP brokers to send metrics to
	URL string
	// AMQP exchange
	Exchange string
	// path to CA file
	SslCa string
	// path to host cert file
	SslCert string
	// path to cert key file
	SslKey string
	// Routing Key Tag
	RoutingTag string `toml:"routing_tag"`
	// InfluxDB database
	Database string
	// InfluxDB retention policy
	RetentionPolicy string
	// InfluxDB precision
	Precision string

	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*AMQP) Close

func (q *AMQP) Close() error

func (*AMQP) Connect

func (q *AMQP) Connect() error

func (*AMQP) Description

func (q *AMQP) Description() string

func (*AMQP) SampleConfig

func (q *AMQP) SampleConfig() string

func (*AMQP) Write

func (q *AMQP) Write(points []*client.Point) error

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