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Package vat

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Package for validating VAT numbers & retrieving VAT rates in Go.


Use go get.

go get

Then import the package into your own code.

import ""


Validating VAT numbers

VAT numbers can be validated by format, existence or both. VAT numbers are looked up using the VIES VAT validation API.

package main

import ""

func main() {
  // Validate number by format + existence
  validity, err := vat.ValidateNumber("NL123456789B01")

  // Validate number format
  validity, err := vat.ValidateNumberFormat("NL123456789B01")

  // Validate number existence
  validity, err := vat.ValidateNumberExistence("NL123456789B01")
Retrieving VAT rates

To get VAT rate periods for a country, first get a CountryRates struct using the country's ISO-3166-1-alpha2 code.

You can get the rate that is currently in effect using the GetRate function.

package main

import (

func main() {
  c, err := vat.GetCountryRates("NL")
  r, err := c.GetRate("standard")

  fmt.Printf("Standard VAT rate for NL is %.2f", r)
  // Output: Standard VAT rate for NL is 21.00


MIT licensed. See the LICENSE file for details.



Package vat helps you deal with European VAT in Go.

It offers VAT number validation using the VIES VAT validation API & VAT rates retrieval using

Validate a VAT number

validity := vat.ValidateNumber("NL123456789B01")

Get VAT rate that is currently in effect for a given country

c, _ := vat.GetCountryRates("NL")
r, _ := c.GetRate("standard")




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var ErrInvalidCountryCode = errors.New("vat: unknown country code")

ErrInvalidCountryCode will be returned when calling GetCountryRates with an invalid country code

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var ErrInvalidRateLevel = errors.New("vat: unknown rate level")

ErrInvalidRateLevel will be returned when getting wrong rate level

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var ErrInvalidVATNumber = errors.New("vat: vat number is invalid")

ErrInvalidVATNumber will be returned when an invalid VAT number is passed to a function that validates existence.

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var ErrServiceUnavailable = errors.New("vat: service is unreachable")

ErrServiceUnavailable will be returned when VIES VAT validation API or is unreachable.

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var ServiceTimeout = 10

ServiceTimeout indicates the number of seconds before a service request times out.


func ValidateNumber

func ValidateNumber(n string) (bool, error)

ValidateNumber validates a VAT number by both format and existence. The existence check uses the VIES VAT validation SOAP API and will only run when format validation passes.

vatNumber := "IE6388047V"
valid, _ := ValidateNumber(vatNumber)
fmt.Printf("Is %s valid: %t", vatNumber, valid)

Is IE6388047V valid: true

func ValidateNumberExistence

func ValidateNumberExistence(n string) (bool, error)

ValidateNumberExistence validates a VAT number by its existence using the VIES VAT API (using SOAP)

func ValidateNumberFormat

func ValidateNumberFormat(n string) (bool, error)

ValidateNumberFormat validates a VAT number by its format.


type CountryRates

type CountryRates struct {
	CountryCode string `json:"country_code"`
	Periods     []RatePeriod

CountryRates holds the various differing VAT rate periods for a given country

func FetchRates

func FetchRates() ([]CountryRates, error)

FetchRates fetches the latest VAT rates from ibericode/vat-rates and updates the in-memory rates

func GetCountryRates

func GetCountryRates(countryCode string) (CountryRates, error)

GetCountryRates gets the CountryRates struct for a country by its ISO-3166-1-alpha2 country code.

func GetRates

func GetRates() ([]CountryRates, error)

GetRates returns the in-memory VAT rates

func (*CountryRates) GetRate

func (cr *CountryRates) GetRate(level string) (float32, error)

GetRate returns the currently active rate

func (*CountryRates) GetRateOn

func (cr *CountryRates) GetRateOn(t time.Time, level string) (float32, error)

GetRateOn returns the effective VAT rate on a given date

type RatePeriod

type RatePeriod struct {
	EffectiveFrom time.Time
	Rates         map[string]float32

RatePeriod represents a time and the various activate rates at that time.

type ViesResponse

type ViesResponse struct {
	CountryCode string
	VATNumber   string
	RequestDate string
	Valid       bool
	Name        string
	Address     string

func Lookup

func Lookup(vatNumber string) (*ViesResponse, error)

Lookup returns *ViesResponse for a VAT number

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