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Published: Dec 27, 2020 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 15 Imported by: 0




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const API_KEY = "b4chnoWQeR1pBtmDxslcTaReIdThofpR8QiUkiQ6"

public free use key

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const MAX_EYE_ANGLE = 0.85
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const SELECTION_METHOD = "closest" // or "highest"


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var DEBUG = false
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var HyperSet = LayerSet{
	Code: "hyper",

	AnglePref:       radsFromDegs(0.01),
	RingMod:         0,
	AverageDistance: 0.5,
	MathFactor:      4,
	Weights:         [3]int{100, 5, 100},
	ClusterWeight:   150,
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var OneEyeSet = LayerSet{
	Code: "educated",

	AnglePref:       radsFromDegs(0.005),
	RingMod:         100,
	AverageDistance: 0.61,
	MathFactor:      440,
	Weights:         [3]int{40, 100, 0},
	ClusterWeight:   180,
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var TwoEyeSet = LayerSet{
	Code: "triangulation",

	AnglePref:       radsFromDegs(0.06),
	RingMod:         150,
	AverageDistance: 0.5,
	MathFactor:      38,
	Weights:         [3]int{20, 10, 100},
	ClusterWeight:   180,
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var ZeroEyeSet = LayerSet{
	Code: "blind",

	AnglePref:       radsFromDegs(0.08),
	RingMod:         33,
	AverageDistance: 0.22,
	Weights:         [3]int{20, 100, 0},
	ClusterWeight:   150,


func RingID

func RingID(c Chunk) int


type Chunk

type Chunk [2]int

func ChunkFromCenter

func ChunkFromCenter(x, y int) Chunk

func ChunkFromPosition

func ChunkFromPosition(x, y float64) Chunk

func ClosestStronghold

func ClosestStronghold(seed int64, t Throw) Chunk

func GenStrongholds

func GenStrongholds(worldSeed int64) (positions []Chunk)

func (Chunk) Angle

func (c Chunk) Angle(a, sx, sy float64) float64

func (Chunk) Center

func (c Chunk) Center() (int, int)

func (Chunk) ChunkDist

func (t Chunk) ChunkDist(other Chunk) float64

func (Chunk) Dist

func (t Chunk) Dist(x, y float64) float64

func (Chunk) Selectable

func (c Chunk) Selectable(fromX, fromY float64) int

func (Chunk) Staircase

func (c Chunk) Staircase() (int, int)

func (Chunk) String

func (c Chunk) String() string

type ChunkList

type ChunkList []Chunk

func ChunksInThrow

func ChunksInThrow(t Throw) ChunkList

type Guess

type Guess struct {
	Chunk      [2]int `json:"chunk"`
	Method     string `json:"method"`
	Confidence int    `json:"confidence"`
	Used       []Throw

func (Guess) String

func (g Guess) String() string

type Layer

type Layer func([]Throw, Chunk) int

type LayerSet

type LayerSet struct {
	Code string

	AnglePref       float64
	RingMod         float64
	AverageDistance float64
	MathFactor      float64
	ClusterWeight   float64

	Weights [3]int

func (LayerSet) Angle

func (ls LayerSet) Angle(ts []Throw, c Chunk) int

func (LayerSet) CrossAngle

func (ls LayerSet) CrossAngle(ts []Throw, c Chunk) int

func (LayerSet) Layers

func (ls LayerSet) Layers() []Layer

func (LayerSet) Mutate

func (ls LayerSet) Mutate() LayerSet

func (LayerSet) Ring

func (ls LayerSet) Ring(t []Throw, c Chunk) int

func (LayerSet) SumScores

func (ls LayerSet) SumScores(throws []Throw) (map[Chunk]int, int)

type Request

type Request struct {
	Clips   []string `json:"clips"`
	Options struct {
		Hyper bool `json:"hyper"`
	} `json:"options"`
	Session string `json:"session_id"`

type Response

type Response struct {
	Chunk  *[2]int `json:"chunk"`
	Coords *[2]int `json:"coords"`
	Player *[2]int `json:"player"`
	Portal *[2]int `json:"portal"`

	Method     string   `json:"method"`
	Confidence int      `json:"confidence"`
	Keep       []string `json:"keep"`

func NewResponse

func NewResponse(req Request) Response

func PostRequest

func PostRequest(req Request, offline bool) Response

type ScoredChunk

type ScoredChunk struct {
	Score int

func (ScoredChunk) Distance

func (c ScoredChunk) Distance(other interface{}) float64

func (ScoredChunk) GetID

func (c ScoredChunk) GetID() string

type Session

type Session struct {
	Throws      []Throw
	CustomLayer *LayerSet
	LayerSet    LayerSet

	Scores     map[Chunk]int
	TotalScore int

	Options struct {
		Hyper bool

func NewSession

func NewSession(cl ...LayerSet) *Session

func (*Session) BestGuess

func (s *Session) BestGuess(ts ...Throw) Guess

func (*Session) ByScore

func (s *Session) ByScore() []Chunk

func (*Session) CalcLayerSet

func (s *Session) CalcLayerSet() LayerSet

func (*Session) Chunks

func (s *Session) Chunks() []Chunk

func (*Session) Layers

func (s *Session) Layers() LayerSet

func (*Session) MakeGuess

func (s *Session) MakeGuess() Guess

type Throw

type Throw struct {
	X, Y, A float64
	Type    ThrowType

func NewBlindThrow

func NewBlindThrow(x, y float64) Throw

func NewThrow

func NewThrow(x, y, a float64) Throw

func NewThrowFromArray

func NewThrowFromArray(arr [3]float64) Throw

func NewThrowFromString

func NewThrowFromString(s string) (Throw, error)

/execute in minecraft:overworld run tp @s -214.79 104.61 386.16 76.50 -32.40

func (Throw) RingID

func (t Throw) RingID() int

func (Throw) Similar

func (t Throw) Similar(other Throw) bool

type ThrowType

type ThrowType int
const (
	Overworld ThrowType = iota

func (ThrowType) String

func (t ThrowType) String() string

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