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const APIVersionKey = "api-version"

APIVersionKey is the client's requested API version.

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const UAStringKey = "upstream-user-agent"

UAStringKey is used as key type for user-agent string in net/context struct


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func BoolValue

func BoolValue(r *http.Request, k string) bool

BoolValue transforms a form value in different formats into a boolean type.

func BoolValueOrDefault

func BoolValueOrDefault(r *http.Request, k string, d bool) bool

BoolValueOrDefault returns the default bool passed if the query param is missing, otherwise it's just a proxy to boolValue above

func CheckForJSON

func CheckForJSON(r *http.Request) error

CheckForJSON makes sure that the request's Content-Type is application/json.

func CloseStreams

func CloseStreams(streams ...interface{})

CloseStreams ensures that a list for http streams are properly closed.

func GetHTTPErrorStatusCode

func GetHTTPErrorStatusCode(err error) int

GetHTTPErrorStatusCode retrieve status code from error message

func HijackConnection

func HijackConnection(w http.ResponseWriter) (io.ReadCloser, io.Writer, error)

HijackConnection interrupts the http response writer to get the underlying connection and operate with it.

func Int64ValueOrDefault

func Int64ValueOrDefault(r *http.Request, field string, def int64) (int64, error)

Int64ValueOrDefault parses a form value into an int64 type. If there is an error, returns the error. If there is no value returns the default value.

func Int64ValueOrZero

func Int64ValueOrZero(r *http.Request, k string) int64

Int64ValueOrZero parses a form value into an int64 type. It returns 0 if the parsing fails.

func MakeErrorHandler

func MakeErrorHandler(err error) http.HandlerFunc

MakeErrorHandler makes an HTTP handler that decodes a Docker error and returns it in the response.

func ParseForm

func ParseForm(r *http.Request) error

ParseForm ensures the request form is parsed even with invalid content types. If we don't do this, POST method without Content-type (even with empty body) will fail.

func ParseMultipartForm

func ParseMultipartForm(r *http.Request) error

ParseMultipartForm ensures the request form is parsed, even with invalid content types.

func VersionFromContext

func VersionFromContext(ctx context.Context) (ver string)

VersionFromContext returns an API version from the context using APIVersionKey. It panics if the context value does not have version.Version type.

func WriteJSON

func WriteJSON(w http.ResponseWriter, code int, v interface{}) error

WriteJSON writes the value v to the http response stream as json with standard json encoding.


type APIFunc

type APIFunc func(ctx context.Context, w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, vars map[string]string) error

APIFunc is an adapter to allow the use of ordinary functions as Docker API endpoints. Any function that has the appropriate signature can be registered as an API endpoint (e.g. getVersion).

type ArchiveOptions

type ArchiveOptions struct {
	Name string
	Path string

ArchiveOptions stores archive information for different operations.

func ArchiveFormValues

func ArchiveFormValues(r *http.Request, vars map[string]string) (ArchiveOptions, error)

ArchiveFormValues parses form values and turns them into ArchiveOptions. It fails if the archive name and path are not in the request.

type ContainerDecoder

type ContainerDecoder interface {
	DecodeConfig(src io.Reader) (*container.Config, *container.HostConfig, *network.NetworkingConfig, error)
	DecodeHostConfig(src io.Reader) (*container.HostConfig, error)

ContainerDecoder specifies how to translate an io.Reader into container configuration.

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