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Package backend includes types to send information to server backends. TODO(calavera): This package is pending of extraction to engine-api when the server package is clean of daemon dependencies.



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type ContainerAttachConfig

type ContainerAttachConfig struct {
	GetStreams func() (io.ReadCloser, io.Writer, io.Writer, error)
	UseStdin   bool
	UseStdout  bool
	UseStderr  bool
	Logs       bool
	Stream     bool
	DetachKeys string

	// Used to signify that streams are multiplexed and therefore need a StdWriter to encode stdout/sderr messages accordingly.
	// TODO @cpuguy83: This shouldn't be needed. It was only added so that http and websocket endpoints can use the same function, and the websocket function was not using a stdwriter prior to this change...
	// HOWEVER, the websocket endpoint is using a single stream and SHOULD be encoded with stdout/stderr as is done for HTTP since it is still just a single stream.
	// Since such a change is an API change unrelated to the current changeset we'll keep it as is here and change separately.
	MuxStreams bool

ContainerAttachConfig holds the streams to use when connecting to a container to view logs.

type ContainerCommitConfig

type ContainerCommitConfig struct {
	Changes []string

ContainerCommitConfig is a wrapper around types.ContainerCommitConfig that also transports configuration changes for a container.

type ContainerLogsConfig

type ContainerLogsConfig struct {
	OutStream io.Writer

ContainerLogsConfig holds configs for logging operations. Exists for users of the backend to to pass it a logging configuration.

type ContainerStatsConfig

type ContainerStatsConfig struct {
	Stream    bool
	OutStream io.Writer
	Version   string

ContainerStatsConfig holds information for configuring the runtime behavior of a backend.ContainerStats() call.

type ExecInspect

type ExecInspect struct {
	ID            string
	Running       bool
	ExitCode      *int
	ProcessConfig *ExecProcessConfig
	OpenStdin     bool
	OpenStderr    bool
	OpenStdout    bool
	CanRemove     bool
	ContainerID   string
	DetachKeys    []byte

ExecInspect holds information about a running process started with docker exec.

type ExecProcessConfig

type ExecProcessConfig struct {
	Tty        bool     `json:"tty"`
	Entrypoint string   `json:"entrypoint"`
	Arguments  []string `json:"arguments"`
	Privileged *bool    `json:"privileged,omitempty"`
	User       string   `json:"user,omitempty"`

ExecProcessConfig holds information about the exec process running on the host.

type ProgressWriter

type ProgressWriter struct {
	Output             io.Writer
	StdoutFormatter    *streamformatter.StdoutFormatter
	StderrFormatter    *streamformatter.StderrFormatter
	ProgressReaderFunc func(io.ReadCloser) io.ReadCloser

ProgressWriter is an interface to transport progress streams.

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