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const MsgStoragePrepareWarn = "Memory allocation goals for SCM will be changed and " +
	"namespaces modified, this will be a destructive operation. Please ensure " +
	"namespaces are unmounted and locally attached SCM & NVMe devices " +
	"are not in use. Please be patient as it may take several minutes " +
	"and subsequent reboot maybe required.\n"


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type StoragePrepareCmd

type StoragePrepareCmd struct {
	NvmeOnly bool `short:"n" long:"nvme-only" description:"Only prepare NVMe storage."`
	ScmOnly  bool `short:"s" long:"scm-only" description:"Only prepare SCM."`
	Reset    bool `` /* 152-byte string literal not displayed */
	Force    bool `short:"f" long:"force" description:"Perform format without prompting for confirmation"`

func (*StoragePrepareCmd) CheckWarn

func (cmd *StoragePrepareCmd) CheckWarn(log *logging.LeveledLogger, state storage.ScmState) error

func (*StoragePrepareCmd) Validate

func (cmd *StoragePrepareCmd) Validate() (bool, bool, error)

Validate checks both only options are not set and returns flags to direct which subsystem types to prepare.

func (*StoragePrepareCmd) Warn

func (cmd *StoragePrepareCmd) Warn(log *logging.LeveledLogger) error

type StoragePrepareNvmeCmd

type StoragePrepareNvmeCmd struct {
	PCIAllowList string `` /* 181-byte string literal not displayed */
	PCIBlockList string `` /* 205-byte string literal not displayed */
	NrHugepages  int    `short:"p" long:"hugepages" description:"Number of hugepages to allocate (in MB) for use by SPDK (default 1024)"`
	TargetUser   string `short:"u" long:"target-user" description:"User that will own hugepage mountpoint directory and vfio groups."`

type StoragePrepareScmCmd

type StoragePrepareScmCmd struct{}

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