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const (
	Iso8601 = "2006-01-02T15:04:05.000Z" // forced microseconds


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var (
	TimeType = GetTypeFromStructDeclaration(struct{ time.Time }{})


func GetTypeFromStructDeclaration

func GetTypeFromStructDeclaration(o interface{}) reflect.Type

func JsonBytes

func JsonBytes(res interface{}) (bytez []byte, err error)

func SocketType

func SocketType(listenAddr string) string

---------------------------------------- sockets

Determine if its a unix or tcp socket. If tcp, must specify the port; `` will return incorrectly as "unix" since there's no port

func WriteTo

func WriteTo(bz []byte, w io.Writer, n *int) (err error)


type Options

type Options struct {
	JSONName      string      // (JSON) Corresponding JSON field name. (override with `json=""`)
	JSONOmitEmpty bool        // (JSON) Omit field if value is empty
	Varint        bool        // (Binary) Use length-prefixed encoding for (u)int64
	Unsafe        bool        // (JSON/Binary) Explicitly enable support for floats or maps
	ZeroValue     interface{} // Prototype zero object

type RPCRequest

type RPCRequest struct {
	JSONRPC string        `json:"jsonrpc"`
	ID      string        `json:"id"`
	Method  string        `json:"method"`
	Params  []interface{} `json:"params"`

func NewRPCRequest

func NewRPCRequest(id string, method string, params []interface{}) RPCRequest

type RPCResponse

type RPCResponse struct {
	JSONRPC string           `json:"jsonrpc"`
	ID      string           `json:"id"`
	Result  *json.RawMessage `json:"result"`
	Error   string           `json:"error"`

func NewRPCResponse

func NewRPCResponse(id string, res interface{}, err string) RPCResponse

type Result

type Result interface {

type StructFieldInfo

type StructFieldInfo struct {
	Index   int          // Struct field index
	Type    reflect.Type // Struct field type
	Options              // Encoding options

func (StructFieldInfo) Unpack

func (info StructFieldInfo) Unpack() (int, reflect.Type, Options)

type TypeInfo

type TypeInfo struct {
	Type reflect.Type // The type

	// If Type is kind reflect.Interface, is registered
	IsRegisteredInterface bool
	ByteToType            map[byte]reflect.Type
	TypeToByte            map[reflect.Type]byte

	// If Type is kind reflect.Struct
	Fields []StructFieldInfo
	Unwrap bool // if struct has only one field and its an anonymous interface

func GetTypeInfo

func GetTypeInfo(rt reflect.Type) *TypeInfo

func MakeTypeInfo

func MakeTypeInfo(rt reflect.Type) *TypeInfo

type WSRPCConnection

type WSRPCConnection interface {
	GetRemoteAddr() string
	GetEventSwitch() events.EventSwitch
	WriteRPCResponse(resp RPCResponse)
	TryWriteRPCResponse(resp RPCResponse) bool

*wsConnection implements this interface.

type WSRPCContext

type WSRPCContext struct {
	Request RPCRequest

websocket-only RPCFuncs take this as the first parameter.

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