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func StartEndpointHealthCheck

func StartEndpointHealthCheck(endpointAddress string, opts ...Option) chan bool

StartEndpointHealthCheck starts a health check on the specified address with the given options. It returns a channel that will emit true if the endpoint is healthy and false if the failure conditions Have been met.


type Option

type Option func(o *healthCheckOptions)

Option is a function that applies a health check option.

func WithFailureThreshold

func WithFailureThreshold(threshold int) Option

WithFailureThreshold sets the failure threshold for the health check.

func WithInitialDelay

func WithInitialDelay(delay time.Duration) Option

WithInitialDelay sets the initial delay for the health check.

func WithInterval

func WithInterval(interval time.Duration) Option

WithInterval sets the interval for the health check.

func WithRequestTimeout

func WithRequestTimeout(timeout time.Duration) Option

WithRequestTimeout sets the request timeout for the health check.

func WithSuccessStatusCode

func WithSuccessStatusCode(code int) Option

WithSuccessStatusCode sets the status code for the health check.

type Server added in v0.8.0

type Server interface {
	Run(context.Context, int) error

Server is the interface for the healthz server.

func NewServer added in v0.8.0

func NewServer(log logger.Logger) Server

NewServer returns a new healthz server.

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