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const EmptyArgs string = ""

EmptyArgs .


This section is empty.


This section is empty.


type CommandExecutor

type CommandExecutor interface {
	// RunCommand .
	RunCommand(execPath string, execArgs ...string) error
	RunBashCommand(scriptPath string, execArgs ...string) error

CommandExecutor .

type InstallationDataCreator

type InstallationDataCreator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

InstallationDataCreator .

func NewInstallationDataCreator

func NewInstallationDataCreator() *InstallationDataCreator

NewInstallationDataCreator return new instance of InstallationDataCreator

func (*InstallationDataCreator) GetData

////////////////////////////////////// GetData returns InstallationData created by InstallationDataCreator

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithAdminGroup

func (sc *InstallationDataCreator) WithAdminGroup(adminGroupName string) *InstallationDataCreator

WithAdminGroup sets value for AdminGroup property

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithCert

func (sc *InstallationDataCreator) WithCert(cert, certKey string) *InstallationDataCreator

WithCert sets Cert and CertKey properties

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithDomain

func (sc *InstallationDataCreator) WithDomain(domain string) *InstallationDataCreator

WithDomain sets Domain property in InstallationData

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithDummyAzureCredentials

func (sc *InstallationDataCreator) WithDummyAzureCredentials() *InstallationDataCreator

WithDummyAzureCredentials sets azure credentials in InstallationData to dummy values

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithEmptyAzureCredentials

func (sc *InstallationDataCreator) WithEmptyAzureCredentials() *InstallationDataCreator

WithEmptyAzureCredentials sets azure credentials to empty values

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithEmptyDomain

func (sc *InstallationDataCreator) WithEmptyDomain() *InstallationDataCreator

WithEmptyDomain sets Domain property in InstallationData to empty value

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithEmptyIP

WithEmptyIP sets IP address property in InstallationData to empty value

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithEtcdBackupABSContainerName

func (sc *InstallationDataCreator) WithEtcdBackupABSContainerName(path string) *InstallationDataCreator

WithEtcdBackupABSContainerName sets value for EtcdBackupABSContainerName property

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithEtcdOperator

func (sc *InstallationDataCreator) WithEtcdOperator(enabled, storageAccount, storageKey string) *InstallationDataCreator

WithEtcdOperator sets value for EtcdOperator property

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithIP

WithIP sets IP address in InstallationData

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithRemoteEnvCa

func (sc *InstallationDataCreator) WithRemoteEnvCa(remoteEnvCa string) *InstallationDataCreator

WithRemoteEnvCa sets RemoteEnvCa property in InstallationData

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithRemoteEnvCaKey

func (sc *InstallationDataCreator) WithRemoteEnvCaKey(remoteEnvCaKey string) *InstallationDataCreator

WithRemoteEnvCaKey sets RemoteEnvCaKey property in InstallationData

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithRemoteEnvIP

func (sc *InstallationDataCreator) WithRemoteEnvIP(ipAddr string) *InstallationDataCreator

WithRemoteEnvIP sets value for RemoteEnvIP property

func (*InstallationDataCreator) WithUITestCredentials

func (sc *InstallationDataCreator) WithUITestCredentials(username, password string) *InstallationDataCreator

WithUITestCredentials sets value for UITestUser and UITestPassword properties

type KymaCommandExecutor

type KymaCommandExecutor struct {

KymaCommandExecutor .

func (*KymaCommandExecutor) RunBashCommand

func (kymaBashExecutor *KymaCommandExecutor) RunBashCommand(scriptPath string, execArgs ...string) error

RunBashCommand .

func (*KymaCommandExecutor) RunCommand

func (kymaBashExecutor *KymaCommandExecutor) RunCommand(execPath string, execArgs ...string) error

RunCommand .

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