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Code generated by mockery v1.0.0



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type ApiSpec

type ApiSpec struct {
	Raw map[string]interface{}

func (*ApiSpec) UnmarshalJSON

func (o *ApiSpec) UnmarshalJSON(jsonData []byte) error

type AsyncApiSpec

type AsyncApiSpec struct {
	Raw  map[string]interface{}
	Data AsyncApiSpecData

func (*AsyncApiSpec) UnmarshalJSON

func (o *AsyncApiSpec) UnmarshalJSON(jsonData []byte) error

type AsyncApiSpecData

type AsyncApiSpecData struct {
	AsyncAPI string
	Topics   map[string]interface{}

type Cache

type Cache interface {
	Delete(key string) error
	Get(key string) ([]byte, error)
	Set(key string, entry []byte) error
	Reset() error

type Content

type Content struct {
	Raw  map[string]interface{}
	Data ContentData

func (*Content) UnmarshalJSON

func (o *Content) UnmarshalJSON(jsonData []byte) error

type ContentData

type ContentData struct {
	Description string     `json:"description"`
	DisplayName string     `json:"displayName"`
	Docs        []Document `json:"docs"`
	ID          string     `json:"id"`
	Type        string     `json:"type"`

type Document

type Document struct {
	Order    string `json:"order"`
	Source   string `json:"source"`
	Title    string `json:"title"`
	Type     string `json:"type"`
	Internal bool   `json:"internal,omitempty"`

type Minio

type Minio interface {
	GetObject(bucketName, objectName string, opts minio.GetObjectOptions) (*minio.Object, error)
	ListenBucketNotification(bucketName, prefix, suffix string, events []string, doneCh <-chan struct{}) <-chan minio.NotificationInfo

type Service

type Service interface {
	ApiSpec(id string) (*ApiSpec, bool, error)
	AsyncApiSpec(id string) (*AsyncApiSpec, bool, error)
	Content(id string) (*Content, bool, error)
	Initialize(stop <-chan struct{})

func New

func New(minio Minio, cache Cache, bucketName, externalAddress, assetsFolder string) Service


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Code generated by mockery v1.0.0.
Code generated by mockery v1.0.0.

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